Anyone else get a new puppy for Christmas? :)

I adopted a little terrier mix from the city animal shelter a few days after Christmas! He’s a cute, scruffy little guy I’ve called Charley! He’s not a baby puppy — our vet estimates him to be a little over a year old. Perfect age, really. He’s super-playful but not trying to chew everything in sight, haha. He’s great about pottying outside, too! He follows my other terrier everywhere, including outside to potty!

Little Charley kind of looks like a cairn terrier and miniature poodle mix. He weighs about 12 pounds and has a wavy cream and tan coat with darker ears and muzzle. Haha, the gals at our vet’s office love him to bits and think he looks a bit like Benji. I’m just glad he’s part of our family now! I adopted him right about when his time was up at the shelter. SO glad I went to the shelter that day!


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  1. Hi,

    Terrier's are so cute! That is the type of dog my daughter wants to get once the grand-baby gets a little bit older.

    I did however adopt a kitten (tortoise) for which has been a joy and a pain. Is it possible for a kitten to take on the personality of a 2 year old? Its amazing how much they are alike as far as independent, taking things, being hyper, very talkative and of course picky eaters.

    The shelters I have found, is the best place to get a pet. Through out all my years they are the only place that I will go to adopt. ;)

  2. Awesome to hear you are enjoying your new pet and I am happy to hear you decided to get him at the shelter, if only more people who do so instead of buying from breeders or pet stores we wouldn't have such a high death rate of adoptable pets! My cat who is going on ten years old would have gone to the humane society along with her mom and five brothers if I hadn't taken her when my friend told me he was moving. Best choice I made was bringing her home. Always had at least one cat around so I've had too many to count over the years but this one is the best I've ever had, never bonded with a cat like I have with her. I've vowed to get a shelter pet next time I'm looking for another animal.

  3. Oh my, congrats Tea! Please share a photo of Charley with us on your profile if you have one. He sounds absolutely adorable!