Another points question….I have current points of 8198.oo base points earned of 198 and expiring points of 341 by 3/3/13. Does this mean I have $8.10 in my point account? And If so, how would I redeem this? Would I just say at the register, please apply my points to this purchase?


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  1. Hi, AmyTherese. Welcome to the Community!

    Redeeming your Shop Your Way Rewards Points is easy! At checkout, have the associate tell you your Points balance. No number handy? Use your phone number or email address. Enter your Member PIN in the register keypad when prompted. Let the associate know how many points you want to use for your purchase.

    You can also redeem Points when shopping online! During checkout, enter your Member Number on the Billing page and type your PIN.

    Remember, it’s up to you how many points you want to use for each purchase! Every 1,000 Points = $1. So you are correct, your current balance is $8.20.

    Hope this helps! Please reply with any additional questions.

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