Another great reason for me to shop Kmart

I was just browsing through my transaction history through my online banking from PNC and noticed something pretty cool. Earn 5% cash back on your Kmart purchase when you spend $75 or more! My last purchase at Kmart was just over $80 which is still listed as a pending transaction so I’m eligible for the 5% back. PNC Bank only has Kmart, Starbucks & FedExOffice listed as places offering this except the Kmart offer says it expires in 39 days. Either way still awesome businesses can do this for those of us out there spending our hard earned money. :-)


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  1. Nice! Awesome perk from PNC Bank, Izel. It was probably nice to find that info while browsing online!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Well Laurel, my excitement faded when I read the small fine print today while checking my bank statement. LOL

      Apparently it was just a one time offer and only offered when I made a $25 purchase online so the last in store purchase I made of $85 this past weekend didn't count. Guess I can still be happy I received my Rewards points on my SYWR card so I'm not walking away with nothing. :-)

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