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  1. You can actually grow mint from the grocery store if you get the right temperature and the one problem is if you try inside (mites will be seen on the underneath, bottom of the leaves). Simply cut the bottoms of the stem, usually a bit angled, plop it in water and make sure it does not get moldy? water. Not all will take, but some will root if you are patient. I am in colder weather, so I can't tell you when to start. If you find a rooted mint (if someone will dig up theirs, even nicer). In colder areas, the mint seems to be gone, but the general types will grow back if the roots are left. I bought a chocolate mint which is grown from the stock and I dug it up, and may have left a piece outside to see. The regular mint, I will know later this season.

  2. Mint is typically pretty easy to grow and tolerates most any average garden soil. Though there are times when enough of the not so tolerable conditions are combined it can make for a very unhappy growing environment. The key for your area is to grow mint in moderately rich soil and partial shade. You might experiment by planting two or three plants in different areas of your garden and intensity of shade to determine which area results in the happiest plant. Remove weeds prior to planting, and then work compost or aged manure into the soil. After planting, add a 1- to 2-inch layer of mulch around plants. Mints perform best in soil that is light and moist. Organic matter will help lighten soil, and you can provide the "moist" for when nature takes a break. If all goes well, you may be asking me at the end of the season how to control aggressive mints!

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