After really trying I was able to pull up this weeks specils add for KDollar Hollywood Florida on the Sears Media Page.I notice Little Ceasars Pizzas 2 for $9.00 Luggage Mixers All kinds of stuff on sale.The glimces of the interior of the store in the adds makes it look like a full size Kmart store.It appears to be more of and outlet store than a Dollar Store alot of $19.99 Products is this the real format?If so are these stores purposed for Drawing down Kmart inventory as they shut down more traditional Big @ Super Kmart stores such as Sears is doing with the sears outlet stores? It seems they can get more value for the products this way while they Dispose of Realestate.Better than store closing sales!

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  1. They are the large Pizzas Peporoni or plain.Why is it such a secret!!!!

  2. Basically Kmart's version of a Big Lot's, still interesting and I like they left Little Caesars in place. I work at one here in Michigan & 2 for $9 is a pretty good deal depending on size of pizza & amount of toppings. :-)

  3. Hi bconner,

    So far the only additional KDollar information we have, is that the current locations offer customers a wide variety of seasonal and clearance merchandise. The stores that they have up so far also participate in the Shop Your Way Rewards Program and carry many of the Private Label brands our Kmart customers love and trust.

    So this would at least explain the prices that you had seen when viewing the specials. ;)

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