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I realized after Christmas, every single item I purchased has gone on sale for quite a lot less than I originally paid. This is a problem I come across every year which is sad because those savings would have been great around Christmas when I was strapped for cash but no matter where you shop this is always the case. I’m considering talking my immediate family into doing our gift exchange after Christmas and just doing the dinner part on the big day because we all would save so much more! The one thing I could have saved on if I had waited was a home humidifier which now all the filters, unit and liquid solutions are on sale. Gotta love whoever comes up with these sale ideas after the fact. lol


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  1. "Gotta love whomever..."

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      I voted your reply as helpful. I thought of my manager when I read your correction. She is constantly correcting our speech usage etc. which is great because its quite easy to forget the "proper" way. The best thing I heard was when she corrected a customer the other day who came in and said "You don't got no cheese pizza's ready?" She HATES the word "don't" to begin with and the rest is self explanatory. LOL

  2. You could just decide to exchange gifts on Epiphany/Three Kings day. Some people and cultures do that because it makes sense. It's when the Magi came to bring their gifts to the ****** Child.

    Some of my family belongs to the Russian Orthodox faith and the East follows a different calendar than we do. So, their Christmas doesn't fall on Dec. 25 most years. Their holidays are celebrated on different days. Anyhoo, they would celebrate a bit on the traditional Christmas but they'd get most of their gifts on Orthodox Christmas. Heh, they always got a lot more gifts because they had two Christmases and their main gifts could be bought at big discounts after Dec. 25!

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      Um, could someone point out to the filters/censors that even though Christmas has become nothing more than a feel-good, gift-giving extravaganza to many, there are still some of us who only celebrate because of the religious meaning of the season. So, replacing His Name with asterixes, like you do for swear words, is highly offensive.

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      I am very offended that the word ****** would be starred out just like a curse word. Will Christmas just be known as Mas next year? This is ridiculous.

  3. Hi, izel. What a smart idea! I think it would be awesome to encourage your family to do gifts a day or two after the holiday and take advantage of those deep discounts after holiday. Some of my family members travel in from out of state so this idea might not work for us but would be really nice if it was doable for your family and friends!

    The more savings the better in my book. ;)

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