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Advice needed for native plants to spruce up my front lawn.

I am interested in replanting a flower bed in our front lawn. The area is mostly weeds in the spring/summer and looks drab, which is concerning because this area is the main focal point of the front of our home when visitors arrive.

What resources could you suggest for finding appropriate native plants to spruce up this area? I would like something colorful for spring and something that will thrive in direct sun most the day. We live in the Piedmont area of NC. Any resources or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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  1. If you're looking for colorful natives for your sunny area, please consider New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus). This drought-tolerant, spring-blooming small shrub smells of vanilla and the blooms attract butterflies. Other key native bloomers that also attract butterflies include butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa), baptisia, coreopsis, purple coneflower (Echinacea), liatris, summer phlox, rudbeckia, goldenrod (Solidago), New England aster, lupines and dwarf larkspur. A good resource for more information about natives in your area is the North Carolina Native Plant Society at Happy growing!

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge Kris! These suggestions are perfect. I will be Googling each selection to vote on a winner and will also give a visit for additional tips.

      Thanks again Kris! Super helpful advice here.

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