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Hello. It’d be super awesome if they opened a Kmart in Kzoo… AKA– Kalamazoo, Michigan! It has been 3+ years since they closed here. It is a college town, and business was not up 30% prior to them closing (according to employees). Bummer! I know the lease was an issue but I would certainly shop there if they brought the red K back.
They need to open a full-line regular Kmart discount store in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
And actually one of the two former K-marts is still empty, sounds like they need to refill that building with a Kmart “K”omeback.
Remember folks:
There’s Smart. And then there’s Edward Lampert making foolish business decisions.

I’m not trying to be rude or mean or nuffin’ but I’m a Kmart fan and there’s other fans in Kzoo would love the saving place back in town.

Thanks for any responses or feedback on this post.


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  1. oops. "not up 30%" it WAS UP 30% in sales.

    Yes sales were up 30% prior to the closure announcement.

  2. I've got my fingers crossed for more openings and re-dos, my friend ! I was just sharing with a coworker the nasty news of that record-breaking house that he bought a few years back after those closings... :(

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