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This is a pretty obscure question that I cannot get a answer from the multiple emails I’ve sent through the mygofer website. Buried in the multitude of menus once you log in your account there is a tab called “lists”. Once clicking this tab you can do build lists based upon shopping frequency, wish lists, etc… Under the “Tools” section of this page is another link titled “product clipper”. If you click on that link it describes how “product clipper” works (in theory). But in the last paragraph is this statement: “And if you make or sell your own items, you can use product clipper to sell them on mygofer. Just tell us about yourself and your product, then upload a product photo and we’ll take care of the rest.” So my questions that have never been answered are what does that mean? And what is the process involved to make this happen? Inquiring minds would like to know.


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  1. name is Debi and I am on the mygofer merchant team. First, apologies that we missed your email to should have received a prompt response! I did some investigating and the product clipper link should have been retired/removed from the site. It originally was designed to allow our customers to let us know what they wanted, but could not find on the site. We have personal shoppers in select stores and they could purchase the item. We still can do that via special instructions if your location has the personal shopper service. Thank you for inquiring!

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      Thanks for sharing your expert insight here, Debi!

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      Are there any plans on expanding the Personal Shopper Service to the DC area or is it something that SHC has decided to mostly do away with? I have recently started using mygofer, and am currently on the trial period for a Go Pass. So far, my experience with mygofer has been mostly positive, though there have been a couple of bumps along the road. Having access to the personal shopper service would make save my family so much time and would make it infinitely easier to justify purchasing a year's membership in the GoPass. I do have to say that delivery with the pass has been spot on and that it has occurred right in the middle of the delivery window.

      Thank you.

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      Hi ms7136a,

      Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

      We appreciate your feedback on how MyGofer has worked for you and your family.

      Currently we have your question being researched to see if we can find an answer for you.

      Please check back periodically to see if we have posted an update.

      Thank you!

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      Thank you for your prompt response. I look forward to reading a more detailed reply in the near future. If there is a way that I can get an e-mail sent to me, please tell me a secure way I can transmit my e-mail to you and I will do so.

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      Hi ms7136a,

      Thank you for waiting so patiently while we researched the answer to your question.

      Currently it is only being offered in the Chicago, NYC, and Miami areas as it is being perfected. Their hope is by 2014, they will extend out with DC being on the top of the list as well as a few others.

      I hope this has helped in answering your question.

      We also wanted to thank you for sharing your positive experience about mygofer and the personal shopper with us.

      There has not been many members who have shared with us on this topic, so it is great to hear about your previous experience and we hope that others will try this too for it is a great service.

      I have also sent you a follow up email per your request! ;)

  2. Hmm, any thoughts to any of this?

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      We are hoping to provide you with the information you have requested soon. :)

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      Any luck?

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