A few weeks ago on Monday morning, while shopping in our local store my mom, 92, fell in the bathroom. She hurt her left arm requiring us to call an ambulance. The only help from store employees was for them to dial 911 for us! Is this standard practice, ignore a customer who is hurt while shopping.


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  1. If one of the employees was to move your mom after she had fallen she could have been injured worse so I'm sure it wasn't intentional to seem like they ignored her. Dialing 911 and not moving her was probably the right thing because if she had had any internal injuries or broken bones moving her could lead to something worse. My mom is a nurse so in those situations its best to let paramedics handle it. I have always been told to keep the injury victim as comfortable as possible until help arrives. If I had been there I may have fetched her a pillow or something to lay or sit on until the ambulance arrived but this day and age even considering moving someone in that situation is asking for a lawsuit. I hope the store manager at least filed an incident report because that is always necessary no matter how small the incident involving the customer is.

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