5,000 SYW Rewards good from 1/18 – 1/21 did not show up in my account, why?

5,000 SYW Rewards good from 1/18 – 1/21 did not show up in my account to use on my transaction in-store on 1/19. I was told I would have to spend all my existing points and then in 24 hours I would see the 5,000 points. I did so, using up all my points, but the 5,000 has still not been credited, over 48 hours later.


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  1. I had something similar happen. I went to the store, spent the required amount, and the reward didn't show up when they scanned my card. The store told me to bring a copy of the email and they would give me the credit, which they did. Apparently, it's been happening a lot and it's SYWR's fault, not Kmart's.

  2. I received a similar e-mail and was going to order, but mine did not show up either. It did not say I had to use up my points available. Just offer to forward the e-mail if necessary and I am sure they can help you. They have a live chat also, which will allow you to confirm it goes through as said, should they make some type of arrangement.

  3. Hi Brandon. Have you tried reaching out to the Shop Your Way Rewards Team for support with this? Please dial 1.800.991.8708 to reach out to the team now. Hope this helps!

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