4th of July Plans?

Who has plans for the 4th of July weekend this year? Anyone doing anything unique or different this year?

I requested the 5th & 6th off but not sure if I’ll be able to get it since others had notes up before me. If I do happen to get those days off we are going a few hours north here in Michigan to go on a tubing trip down the upper part of the Muskegon River near Harrison. Six hour trip, lots of fun.


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  1. Howdy, Folks ! Nothing out of the ordinary for me - just my usual Bloom Township fireworks display outing on the 3rd of July :):) Come all who may be relatively close !
    Enjoy the riverworks, Izel !

  2. That tubing trip sounds like a great time! I may need to look into that-it isn't too far from me, too. Sounds like something my kids would really like.

    We are going to see fireworks around here. We normally just go to the beach in the afternoon and stay there until the fireworks are over. That is probably the plan again! Not too exciting, but always a fun day.

  3. Nothing going on my way!

    Currently we are checking to see where we can take the grand-baby for a few hours in the afternoon. She did not take to well with the fireworks going off last year, so getting her out during the day may be more fun for her.

    Tubing sounds like a lot of fun Izel! Wow 6 hours how fun is that! Bring the sun screen and I hope that you and the family have a great time!

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      Wendy, I remember when my son had to look through closed fingers and he did grow out of it to really like them :)

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      That sounds wonderful yobarps! Nice and relaxing!

      We were thinking of putting her head phones on so that she can listen to her kiddy music. This may provide enough distraction so that she can watch the fireworks but not be to startled by the loud pops.

      Something new to try at least! LOL

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      That's a great idea, Wendy !
      Happy Youngster-Start Fourth {^^,!!!

  4. I am working this year but also attending a cookout by the lake later in the evening. The family hosting is doing a low country broil, pretty excited about the feast! :)

    Tubing the Muskegon sounds amazing, Izel! I hope you get the time off to enjoy the trip.

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      Sounds like a lot of fun Laurel! Yummmm the country broil sounds great! Have a great time! ;)

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      I actually did get the weekend off so the tubing tip is on!!!!

      Wendy, hope your granddaughter gets over her dislike of fireworks by next year because they are too cool to not like. Maybe start her out with some smaller ones so she gets used to the noise, hit up the clearance priced fireworks in another week. ;-)

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      Hi Izel,

      We have slowly but surely been working with her this past year with loud noises for we know she would absolutely love to see the lights in the air.

      So far we have only got the sparklers and a few of the rock ones (can't remember the name of them, but you throw them on the ground and they pop). We thought these would be good and then not really go any where for we were able to see them from our apartment last year.

      Next year we will be living on the coast where there will be a good spot to watch them as they come down over the bay. I really think she will be loving it next year for we will be on the opposite side. ;-)

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      I just came home from a very good fireworks show put on for a small day long festival they do every year here in Morrice MI.

      My brother and his girlfriend left my mom with their baby girl who is only two months old now. Surprised but she wasn't scared as we watched from my parents front porch. Even saw her smile and make a few noises at some. :-)

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      That is wonderful news! This little one wants nothing to do with them since the ago of 4 mo.

      What a nice and relaxing evening being able to view the fireworks from the front porch. We were able to see a few from our apartment window last year, but this year of course we are going to take her to see them.

      Will they be having more fireworks on the 4th or was it only for 29th?

      I know that their are a few places that have both, festivities on the weekend with fireworks and then more fireworks on the actually day. ;-)