3 more stores closing in January 2013 Oakhill WV. Pleasant Hill CA. Ashville NC.Ashville was jast remodeled in 2011 according to the article I read very attractive picture White And Red with the New Logo.Now Thats Saving Money! Another article stated that Sears is making more money per SQ FT renting space instead of selling products.Is this true?

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  1. Sad to hear, bconner. I imagine these stores are nearby additional locations that receive more traffic in the stores. I've visited the Asheville, NC location many times and will be very sad to see the doors close. There are a couple additional Kmart locations in the Asheville area that will meet the needs of the Kmart loyalists who frequent the location scheduled to close.

  2. Read this article titled "Attention, Kmart Shoppers: Flat-Line Special" which is a sad reality and should be motivation for those in charge to do something. Too bad they deleted all of our good ideas on the former site that could have helped save the struggling company but our opinions didn't matter I guess.

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      Does any of you guys know if any other stores will be closing in the near future?

  3. As a very loyal Kmart shopper this disgruntles me very much. I should buy some stock in SHLD and tell 'em to stop being such fools closing newer stores, alienating customers, and making folks tking them think that they've already gone out of business years ago. When will the Kmart rebound happen?

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      Honestly I believe the only way to save Kmart & Sears is for Eddie to sell his shares and move onto something else not business related. He has done nothing but run both companies into the ground at full speed while he lives a luxurious lifestyle as those thousands of employees are left without an income, some of those who had been with the company for years. There are so many things that can still be done to save Kmart/Sears but closing stores seems to be the better option for them. The thought of buying stock has crossed my mind too but it would take so much to make a difference. Now its not a lost idea by no means if only a bunch of very loyal Kmart customers and employees were to band together and buy up a bunch of stock in SHC but convincing others to do so would be quite the task. There are many small companies out there that are totally owned by the employees and Kmart/Sears could fall into the category of "small company" at this point so keep your fingers crossed. All is not lost!

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