3 more Kmarts closing wheres the good news at I just don’t see anything positive.Make your customers believe!


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  1. I agree, no more closings please. We have enough Walmarts. Need to keep Kmarts open!!

  2. I too am sorry to hear of the closings :(
    I do appreciate all the comments. I've become a bit docile here, for I want the discussive area to return to this site. The SYWR site has also changed.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the upgrade here ;)

  3. The reason that Kmarts are closing has nothing to do with presidential politics. With the economy being so terrible you would think that Kmart would be doing great business but they're not. The reason for that is IMHO is neglect from SHC. When Sears bought Kmart it was like "oh boy, now what?". So stores weren't updated, inventory was bled down to minimal levels, and corporate sat around admiring the problem, instead of coming up with solutions.

    In the words of CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs: "We decided to innovate our way through this downturn, so that we would be further ahead of our competitors when things turn up."

    Where was the innovation when Sears acquired Kmart? Take for example this forum compared to the old forum. Yes the old forum was a little uncontrollable but people find those sort of things intriguing. Believe me, you can go just about anywhere and get crappy service. It is human nature to want to be part of something larger than themselves.

    Take this new website for example. The new site has dramatically lower functionality than the old site. This is inverse how it should have been. This site should have had even more ways for the public to participate in discussion. Over 1 BILLION are on Facebook. Why isn't SHC embracing this? Why doesn't SHC promote their price matching better? Business is a never ending war for the hearts, minds & dollars of consumers. Wars aren't won by only being defensive. You must go on the offensive to win. Get aggressive SHC!

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      All very good points except Kmart purchased Sears.When they came out of Bankrupsy they sold some of there newer and best location to Sears Home Depot Lowes and Walmart.They then purchased Sears and at one point were concidering trying to purchase Home Depot.I believe at that time they had 2-3 Billion dollars in availible cash generated from realestate sales.Instead of investing in there stores they aquired Sears and now there slowly Bleeding to Death.Its a very interesting story I've been following it for years.

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      I had forgotten that Kmart did buy Sears! But the core points of my statement doesn't change. Take for example if you go to the Sears website and find the link in the upper right corner to see all link of the available websites you get a list of 46 websites. Of which 42 are directly controlled by SHC. 42 separate site! That is a train wreck that has already occurred and the cars keep coming to pile up. I would love the opportunity to actually talk to somebody in corporate and tell them to pull their head out of their gluteus maximus.

  4. I know, man. It is not right. I was at Kmart yesterday and it was pretty busy, yet maybe it is like this at more stores too. But with these gosh-awful closings I'm not seeing the Kmart-rebound I've been waiting to hear about. AND There will be worse yet to come perhaps indeed, mostly preventable and that's why I'm NOT voting for Romney.

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      You're right not to vote for Romney since things are going so well now. 8% unemployment, trillions in debt, Obamacare waiting in the wings to destroy what's left of the economy. Who would want to give that up?

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      well, I think you're being sarcastic, I'm mildly autistic so I can't always understand sarcasm. But, everyman (or woman) may have their own opinion, as I was (statements of you and/or I).

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      Our economy and the rest of the world need cheap inexpensive energy.When Gasoline is at $4.00 a gallon it kills the economy.We now have some of the largest oil and coal reserves in the world but goverment controls are restricting the free market from increasing production which would drive the price down to exceptable levels.Green energy is the future but it will take time to make the cost exceptable.Big Goverment is bad for the economy as seen back in the 70,S.

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      Bob, I can't argue with that because I'm in my early 20's, born after the seventies. But an example that 'big government' isn't always bad is: General Motors could've faced that fate of Circuit City, Aloha Airlines, or my friends at Borders Books & Music- Chapter 7 bankruptcy.. well maybe not but they would more less healthful if the Obama administration hadn't pumped money into them, yes that they paid back the lent money and are now back in the automobile business instead of lay-offs. Yep.. Government controls on oil reserves are restricting the free market? Some of the oil companies just want seem to enjoy having a control of public land in which they will supposedly drill and supply energy, sitting there 20 years idle and then suddenly say one day "aha let's drill"- they're licenses have been scissored because they need to drill on that land or leave that land, not lease it- Lease it then lose it. Not all big government has hurt the economy, and so on. Nice talking with you, bconner.

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      Howdy PrincessAM ! I agree and just wanted to say that a Rep. congress didn't help Obama either ! I truly wish that they would take away the party affiliation and stop treating government like it's professional sports :/

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      thx, yobarps. Indeed so.. Great to hear you here on the forums.

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      Better than the bush years!

    8. In response to PrincessAM

      I'm glad to see many of the 'ol gang too !

    9. In response to PrincessAM

      Truly the Bush years are taking they're toll ! I wanted to vote for Jill Stein, but it's not the right time yet... I casted an early blockade vote again this year...{^*,]!

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