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Best Soil to Retain Moisture

Maintaining well-hydrated plants is a chore made easier when you have the best garden soil to retain moisture. Besides keeping plants well watered, moisture-retentive soil tends to hold nutrients, which makes them more available to plants. Well-watered and well-fed plants result in a healthy garden.

Consider the following soil facts when it comes to producing moisture-retentive soil conditions.

Soil composition
A variety of soil conditions exist, and each type of soil has varying abilities… See More

Make Your Yard Greener in 6 Weeks

Spring is the right time to focus on yard improvements but time is definitely not on your side. Impending summer temperatures mean slower grass growth. Follow these steps and make your yard greener in 6 weeks.
Mow More, Cut Less
Grass grows fast in spring; even faster if you fertilized it. Don’t try to get away with a once-a-week scalping. Cutting off more than about 1/3 of the lawn’s height forces the grass to deplete the food stored in its roots to replace its lopped top. And depleted roots lead… See More

Spring-Cleaning in Phases

It’s time to degrime, declutter and freshen the home after a long, harsh winter. As the warm weather approaches, spring-cleaning is essential. With this simple guide, you can tackle the job and get it done with minimum hassle and headache.

Like any other larger job, spring-cleaning is easier and accomplished more quickly if it’s broken down into manageable tasks. Before hauling out the bucket, mop and rags, make a list of the must-clean areas that really need attention. A basic cleaning-house… See More

Setting Up an Easter Egg Hunt

Plan an Easter egg hunt the whole family will enjoy. Use plenty of eggs and add some unusual rules to keep the kids interested. The adventure of an egg hunt lets kids burn off energy, and the thrill of each find makes for a memorable holiday.
Children’s Easter activities
Communities, clubs and churches host Easter egg hunts. They’re fun for older kids, but some young children may be overwhelmed by the crowd. For this reason, you may want to have a family egg hunt or a hunt with one or two other… See More

Saving Money for College: Should I Open a 529?

Though saving for college can seem like a challenging task, there are investment vehicles that make putting aside money for future college costs possible, such as a 529 plan. While you are asking yourself, How should I save for college? you will most likely have questions about 529 plans, such as the following:
What is a 529 plan?
Also known as a qualified tuition program, a section 529 plan consists of an educational savings plan that is operated by an educational institution or state that allows… See More

How to Sharpen Garden Tools!

Your garden spade, hoe and other digging tools get duller with each use. So do your hand pruners. If you find yourself struggling to dig a hole or lop off weeds, or if your hand pruners tear more than they cut, check the cutting edge by lightly touching it with your finger. If it feels dull, it’s time for a sharpening.

Take tools to a hardware store for a professional sharpening at the start of the gardening season and then sharpen them at home the rest of the summer with a few licks from a… See More

Great Book Series for Kids

A good book can offer more laughs, thrills, chills and grand adventure than a multiplayer video game. Kids of all ages should be encouraged to power down their devices each day and indulge in a good book. Book series offer a great opportunity to spend extended time with favorite characters, enjoying multiple story lines, adventures and pages of fun.
Ages 6 to 8
Book series popular with ages 6 to 8 feature books with great characters, relatable stories and tons of laughs.

Junie B. Jones, by Barbara… See More

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