Tips for Keeping Your Snow Blower in Good Shape

1) Scraper Bar: The scraper bar is what rubs against the ground and scrapes the snow off the cement/asphalt. It may need to be replaced if it is worn.

2) Screws and bolts, make sure they are tight and none are missing.

3) Belts – take off the belt cover and check the belt for wear and cracks.

4) Engine Maintenance – 2 cycle engines are simple as there is not a lot to do for maintenance but you should replace the spark plug. For four cycle engines, you will want to change your oil at least every year. Most 4 cycle engines use 5W30 motor oil. Check the lube in the gear box as well, some brands have a grease “zerk” in the gear box and on the auger shaft. Grease these liberally. Make sure to check your manual to see what applies to your particular model.

5) Get last years gas out of your snow blower. If you don’t have a siphon, use a turkey baster and get that old gas out.

6) Now let’s start it up! Even with new gas, let it run for a while to burn out any remaining old gas in the fuel line and carburetor.

Have a great winter!


– Kim Schafer, VP Inventory Management, Sears Holdings


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  1. What gap should the plug be at?

  2. Thanks, this is helpful!