Spend Some Quality Time With Your Kids This Summer

Family-quality-timeWith many parents working to provide for the family, it’s difficult to find enough time in the day to spend some quality with the kids. When you do find time, it usually involves taking the kids to the dentist, doctor or sports practice. If you’re lucky, you have a couple hours leftover each week to actually connect with your kids and do something together.

How can you optimize the time that you have to share with your little ones so you get the most out of the memories you make together? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Plan an old-fashioned picnic

Not only can you have fun at a picnic, you can enjoy gathering everything you need together before you head out. Get the kids in on the fun by having them help you plan and prepare the picnic goodies and supplies. If you don’t have a picnic basket, just use a plastic tub or other container to pack up your picnic lunch. Take a large blanket and lay it out in the backyard or drive over to a local park and pick a nice shady spot for an old-fashioned picnic lunch.

Family-playing-tagPlay a game in the backyard

If you want some quality time with your kids, turn off the TV and computer and take them outside. Ask them about the sounds they hear, the scents they smell, and the things that they see. Then, play an old-fashioned game of tag, hide-and-go-seek, or red light–green light. They’ll love having you play with them, and chances are you’ll feel like a kid again.

Care for a garden together

What kid doesn’t like to get his or her hands dirty? Enjoy some quality time with your kids teaching your child how to plant, fertilize and water a garden. If you keep it simple and small, the work of caring for the plants doesn’t become overwhelming to them. In the beginning, you can teach your child what to do, and after that, the two of you can talk about the changes in the garden as your plants begin to grow.

Rediscover the fun of finger painting with the kids

Girl-finger-paintingAn activity that toddlers to adults can enjoy, finger painting is easy, colorful, and fun. If you’re up for finger painting with your kids, prepare to have fun. Make sure you’re prepared with a washable table or tablecloth, a finger painting kit and some finger paint paper. Talk about what each of you are painting or work together to create a story using several different sheets of paper.

Act out a story in the backyard

If your little ones have favorite cartoon characters or a book they love to have you read, why not act out a story together in the backyard? Start by searching for props around the house before going outside. Decide who’s going to play which part and have fun with it!


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