Lawn Mowers to Make Your Yard Look Best

Take a good look at your current mower.  I know this is one of those items nobody likes to spend money on, but if yours is desperately in need of repair or replacement, you might want to consider all your options for purchasing new.  Lawnmowers aren’t as expensive as you might think and today, there are some really great environmentally friendly options.  Let’s take a look.

Self Propelled: If you mow on a regular basis – meaning at least once a week – and have a decent size yard, self propelled is the way to go.  A self propelled mower allows you to get the job done with greater ease.  It makes lawn mowing less strenuous on your back.

Craftsman, known for their expertly crafted and constructed tools, also manufactures a top notch self propelled mower.  Their 22” Front Drive Mower has a 190cc engine and is extremely easy to start.  With this mower, you get to choose how you want to dispose of the clippings – either by bagging, discharging or mulching.  And, storage has never been easier since this Craftsman boasts a folding adjustable handle.

Electric Mowers: The Black & Decker 18” Electric Mulching Mower is ideal for smaller jobs.  This top rated electric mower is not cordless, but it is lightweight.  With an electric mower, you eliminate the need to deal with mixing oil and gas to fill the tank.  This mower mulches and discharges all clippings with the option to attach a side bag.

Cordless Electric Mowers: The Remington 24V 19” Mower is an emission free cordless mower that is powerful and tough enough for any job!  The push button start makes firing it up a cinch.  The rear bagging system allows you to bag up the clippings if you choose not to mulch and the ergonomic handles are adjustable, giving you several different ways to mow in comfort.

So, winter may be behind us, but summer is ahead.  With lawn mowing on your weekend agenda for the next few months, shouldn’t you be pushing a mower that makes lawn mowing easy?


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  1. I recently purchased a new manual push Craftsmen pushmower. I love that there is no priming and it starts within three pulls. I could use another being I have a large yard and could use the help in completing the job. My next goal is a garden/ lawn tractor with all attachments to meet my working needs.

  2. Please Thank you I Love Lawn MOWERS AND I REALLY NEED A NEW ONE Please Thank you

  3. Please Thank you I Love Lawn MOWERS AND I REALLY NEED A NEW ONE Please Thank you