Snow Stoppers. Tips on Layering in the Snow like a Pro!

Let’s face it, the winter is only half way over and we have already faced more than two snow storms. To step out of the house without looking like a sasquatch is challenging, but I like to look at it as a good opportunity to get creative with my style. I decided to surrender to Mother Nature and pull out some of my favorite warm and cozy threads to show you how I tackle winter’s toughest outfit hurdle: layering!

Lindsey Calla Stylesip Girl

1. Start with essentials and build up: Don’t skimp on the pieces that will keep you the warmest. Get your basics covered like leggings and thermals and build slowly from there.

2. Layer Right: Layering was key to this outfit. I kept the heavier, textured pieces on the outside (Bongo vest) and the lighter weight knits underneath to lessen the bulk.

3. Add Color and Texture: So you don’t end up looking like a big blob, texture is a great way to differentiate each layer . I also like to add winter pastels like soft pink and blue. These colors aren’t over- the-top bright, but still freshen up an outfit on a grey day.

4. Don’t forget to top it off with a pair of sunnies: Sunglasses always seem to take a back seat during the winter. I still love to wear them because they protect my eyes against the strong snow glare and always look super chic!

What I’m wearing: Dream Out Loud Tee, gloves and leggings, a Bongo Black sweater and pink vest

Happy Snow Days!!

xoxo, Lindsey Calla Stylesip Girl


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