See the World Differently: Sunglass Trends That Enhance Your View and Your Style

Today, we think of sunglasses as being first a fashion statement and second a little shade from the sun. However, sunglasses have been worn for centuries by cultures that predate our modern American world. For example, prehistoric Inuit people would shield their eyes from the blinding glare of sun on snow using masks of walrus ivory with only small, narrow slits for seeing.

A little later on the timeline in 12th century China, smoky quartz panels were worn to protect from bright lights. Seeing the world “through rose-tinted glasses” was definitely an optimistic advancement for 19th century European and American civilizations, since victims of the syphilis epidemic often needed tinted lenses to counteract a heightened sensitivity to light caused by the disease.

Sunglasses in the Spotlight

The evolution of fashionable sunglasses began in the 20th century, when silent film stars would wear them off camera to protect against the powerful arc lamps on set. This practice immediately associated sunglasses with the glamor and mystery of movie stars, which led to Sam Foster’s mass production of sunnies in 1929. And the rest is history. No modern wardrobe is complete without a pair of these luxurious accessories, but how can you take advantage of today’s multiple styles and trends?

1. Make a Statement

If you’re a flashy fashionista, this season’s sunglasses trends are for you. Look for embellished shades with neon frames, glitter accents, and three-dimensional detailing. Choose designs that fit your unique personality, and don’t be afraid to add a few extra DIY elements by strolling through the arts and crafts aisle. They might not be your go-to frames for everyday looks, but who doesn’t need a pair of sassy sunnies around for those special occasions?

2. Classic is Classy

For that high-end, celebrity style at a budget-friendly price, go for classic brown and black shades with silver or gold temple tips. Keep it sleek and simple– the kind of shades that not only match everything in your wardrobe, but give each outfit a little extra shine. Oversized geometric sunglasses can add an extra mysterious vibe, while keeping your look polished– even during every day errand running.

3. Cool Meets Couture

Retro round glasses are perfect for giving your look a “cool” vibe reminiscent of everyone’s favorite peace-loving hippie and Beatles front man, John Lennon. Choose clear frames for a more subtle, psychedelic style and optimum versatility. Bonus: try two trends in one with embellished round shades for a vintage vibe that’s bound to grab attention.

4. Glamorize Your View

Blend in and beautify your surroundings with mirrored blue lenses, which foster looking out but not looking in. This classic style belongs at the beach, summer road trips, and afternoon hikes, where you’ll want to capture as much of your environment as possible. Any tinted color lens can bring your surroundings to life, adding a unique artistic flair that enhances your outlook as much as your outfit.

Whatever your style, lifestyle, or budget, Kmart has sunglass trends that exceed your expectations. Designed for both fashion and function, and priced so you can truly have it all, sunglasses at Kmart will make your summer look sizzle.


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