Lawn Watering Made Easy

A healthy lawn looks good, feels good under your feet and adds a welcoming touch to your home. Keep your yard looking green and gorgeous by choosing the best lawn watering systems and watering equipment for your flowers and vegetables. The right tools make maintaining your property easier — and can save you real money on your water bill.

Easy lawn watering tools

AquaContour-watering-systemA drip irrigation system is a time and energy saver once you get it in place. It can be installed under a new lawn, or you can put one under an existing lawn with a bit of digging. Since the lines are buried, you don’t lose water from evaporation or overspray. Your lawn stays healthier, too, because the grass is never waterlogged.

On the other hand, installing subsurface drip or trickle irrigation under a lawn is a fairly big job. You need to dig multiple trenches, so you may want to opt for an automated sprinkler system instead.

The Gardena Aqua Contour large sprinkler system is an amazing labor saver for busy homeowners. You set it to water precisely the area you need to cover, no matter how oddly shaped. It waters, while you walk away. This is the easiest-to-use automated sprinkler system you’ve ever seen.

Watering your lawn

Watering-timerA plain old-fashioned sprinkler works nicely, too. You can put it out on the grass and watch rainbows form in the showers of water. If you add a sprinkler timer to the hose, it will automate your watering. Or, set out this cute Banzai Wigglin Sprinkler, and watch the kids play while you water the lawn.

To touch up any missed spots on your lawn with a hose, choose a durable spray nozzle set. Your choice of two nozzles lets you aim water right where you want it. You can shut off the stream where you stand, which saves on wasted water. It’s also handy for watering the garden, cleaning patio furniture, washing the car and squirting your kids.

Watering your garden

Suncast-hose-reel-cartIt’s smart to have the right tools for watering your flower and vegetable garden, too. A watering can lets you water hanging pots easily or neatly care for house or patio plants. Pick up a light and colorful plastic watering can, and save yourself some splashes.

For major watering, there are many great types of hose reels. A wheeled hose cart lets you move a hose full of water without wearing yourself out. A lightweight pocket hose is another approach to the heavy hose problem.


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