Curb Appeal Ideas for a Blah Front Yard

by Diane Quinn

Homeowners rarely view their property with the same critical eye as a potential buyer. So whether you’re putting your home on the market or just want to spruce things up a bit, try these curb appeal ideas that will turn your home’s potential beauty into a reality.

Curb appeal landscapingcurb appeal

Perking up your front yard landscaping adds instant curb appeal, and if you do the work yourself, you’ll save money.

  • Plant flowers. If you don’t already have flower beds in your front yard, create them. Planting colorful flowers is perhaps the easiest ways to elevate your home curb appeal. In the front of your house, putting in raised flower beds or adding flower boxes under front windows both work to beautify your property. If you don’t have a green thumb, get suggestions from your local nursery for easy-to-grow flowers that will thrive without much care.
  • Create a garden with pots. You can create an instant garden by placing colorful flowers or large plants in pots at your front entrance in place of, or along with, a flower bed. Most landscapes look best when stylish pots are staggered using a symmetrical arrangement.
  • Add mulch around flower beds. Well-placed mulch can cover a multitude of landscape sins not only in flower beds but also around trees. Both reddish colored mulches and darker shades add an attractive contrast to your green lawn and flowers.
  • Use edging. When you add trim features such as stone or other types of edging for your flower beds, they create a finishing touch that frames your front yard and elevates curb appeal design.
  • Trim trees and shrubs. If you can’t see the outside of your home because of overgrown trees and shrubs, your home’s natural architectural shape can’t be enjoyed. Use proper trimming tools for the tasks at hand.

Other front yard curb appeal ideas

  • Improve front yard lighting. Invest in low-voltage landscape lighting to improve your home curb appeal while also offering safety and security. Use accent lighting to illuminate your home, trees or a walking path. If wiring is a problem and your home gets plenty of sunshine, choose solar fixtures.
  • Buy a new mailbox. If your mailbox has the “blahs,” either buy a new one that complements your home or repaint the old one to improve your home curb appeal.
  • Implement a power wash. Dirty cement walkways and driveways age a home and diminish its curb appeal. Power wash them to remove old oil stains and tire marks from your driveway. While you’re at it, power wash your house as well, especially if you plan to refresh the outside with new paint.

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