Beach Essentials for Fun in the Summer Sun

Family-at-the-beachIt’s that time of the year again — time for a season of summer fun! We all know that frolicking on the beach or splashing in the pool is what summer is all about. So, whether you’re planning a vacation to an exotic locale or spending your summer closer to home, a few well-chosen beach supplies will help you make the most of the season. Here are a few convenient beach essentials that can help make your summer romps safer and more fun.

Coppertone-Sport-SunscreenSun safety first

As everyone knows, sunscreen is the first essential for spending time in the hot summer sun. High-SPF sunscreens like Coppertone Sport Sunscreen (SPF 80) and Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 70+) will help protect you and your family from damaging UV rays. For those whose goal is a rich tan along with a bit of sun protection, Banana Boat Deep Tanning Sunscreen (SPF 8 ) is just the thing. Just be sure not to spend too much time in the sun when using lower-SPF tanning formulas — and reapply frequently.

Summer lounging

If you’ll be sticking close to home this summer, you might want to treat yourself to a Blue Wave Beach Canopy Chair. to lounge in style between swims. If you prefer lying in the sun, a Fun Shop Straw Beach Mat or an Essential Home Roll-Up Beach Mat will provide a comfy spot for catching a few rays while saving precious storage space.

Joe-Boxer-girl's-swimsuitSwimming in style

The Smart Stuff Outfit for boys and the Bling Fever Outfit for girls, provide a cool, casual look that’s perfect for the beach. A Joe Boxer Girl’s One-Piece Swimsuit & Coverup Skirt or a pair of Joe Boxer Boy’s Swim Trunks will get your kids stylishly ready for the water. And when they step out of the waves, a colorful, brightly patterned, 100 percent cotton Essential Home Beach Towel in Fish, Flip-Flop, Hibiscus, Spiderman, or Jacquard design will only help ramp up the fun.

Sunglasses are another style essential for the beach. Jaclyn Smith’s Women’s Dazzle Sunglasses offer just the right amount of “Bling” for style in the sand. And the guys will look cool as can be in a pair of Joe Boxer Retro-Style Sunglasses in two-tone blue and black. Both Just-Kidz-Beach-Tote-Setstyles provide 100 percent UV protection.

Beach-time play

The Water Sports Itza Beach Wagon Set, Just Kidz 15-piece Mega Beach Tote, or 20-Pc. Sand Set will literally give your kids hours of fun in the sun.


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