Backyard Pool Safety Tips

Pool-safetyA swimming pool is great for cooling off, and it’s a perfect place for parties, too. All the same, making sure your pool stays user-friendly is an important summer chore. Keep the fun going by following a few backyard pool safety tips.

Pool safety tips

Your pool must be enclosed, so you stay in charge of what goes on in the pool. Good fences keep your family safe, and many cities require that pools be enclosed. A large fenced enclosure works for an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool with a deck, and simple-to-install perimeter fences are also available for above-ground pools.

Keep the gate to your pool enclosure shut at all times, and make sure its latch is too high for kids to reach. An easy-to-use swimming pool access alert will let you know if anyone opens the gate to your in-ground or above-ground Pool-access-alertpool. For extra security, set a pool alarm to sound if a child, dog or intruder enters your pool.

Use unbreakable glasses and plates when you serve beverages or snacks near the pool, especially for a children’s party. Broken glass can disappear in the water, and colorful plastic tableware really says summer, anyway.

Pool safety for kids

Make sure your kids learn to swim, and then teach them always to swim with a friend — it’s more fun. Never leave a child unsupervised around water, indoors or out. A child can drown in 1 inch of water, in minutes.

Take your phone outside with you when kids are in the pool, so you won’t be tempted to run inside to answer a call. Also make sure you have emergency numbers stored in your phone.

Ring-buoyKeep your pool rescue equipment nearby and in plain sight. A Coast Guard approved life vest and ring buoy should always be outside in case they’re needed, not stored by the pool pump. A swimming pool safety pole is another important accessory.

Take the pool toys and floats out of the pool when you’re not using them. They can tempt little kids to sneak into the pool. Besides, your colorful pool toys will look good longer if you store them out of the sun.


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