5 Great Outdoor Playsets for Kids This Summer

Summer days are long and bright and all the kids are home from school – they need something to do. Hanging out inside all day is no fun when the weather’s so nice, so why not help your kids spend a little extra time outdoors with some fun in the sun?

Virtually every backyard has enough space for a couple fun toys that can help keep your little ones safe and entertained. Even better, playsets like these can fit almost any budget.

Outdoor Playsets for Kids

Swing-N-Slide-BrentwoodThe Swing-N-Slide Brentwood

This wooden swing set is perfect for the family that wants everything in one box. Everything you need for an amazing private playground is sealed inside, and the set is loaded with fun activities. It even includes an attached climbing wall, with plenty of room to swing on the two single seats and the one double-seated glider. Also included is an 8-foot slide and a few play accessories, including a steering wheel, a vinyl Trampoline-with-enclosurecanopy for shade and a cabin window.

Trampoline With Enclosure

A fun way to bring everyone together, this trampoline can handle the weight of children, teens and adults, and it’s even safe for the younger kids. The 15-foot surface gives everyone plenty of room to bounce at once, and the mesh enclosure ensures safety for all. Joint brackets are reinforced for a sturdy frame and easy assembly, and the surrounding net is impact absorbent for maximum protection.

Soak-N-Splash-Water-SlideSoak N’ Splash Water Slide

Beat the heat with this summertime favorite! This water slide features an 18-foot runway and a splash pool at the end of the line for a soft landing every time – it’s a mini water park right in your back yard! Assembly is quick and easy; simply unroll the set and plug in your garden hose. The slide stores easily and is durable enough for long-lasting fun.

Splash-N-Scoop-BaySplash N’ Scoop Bay

This sandbox and watering hole provides the fun of playing in the dirt, but in a much more sanitary environment. Separate enclosures keep water and sand divided; the water compartment even features a cover to keep out bugs and debris. If you prefer, you can even opt for just sand or just water in both compartments of this playset. The cover and water tower can be combined to create a waterfall, with accessories like a removable cup, slide, spinner, scooper and shovel for added fun.

Power-Wheels-Jeep-WranglerPower Wheels

Give your toddler their first vehicle with this fun Power Wheels product! The Jeep Wrangler is a great sporty option, but there are many other models to choose from so your child can choose something that’s just right for him or her. This realistic Jeep goes up to 5 miles per hour (adjustable to 2.5 mph for rougher terrain) and has a 12 volt rechargeable battery to ensure that this ride is always ready to go.


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  1. These are great suggestions!

    My daughter use to have a pink Camaro and drove that little car every where! After 2 years we finally handed it down to a friend for her little girl to use.