10 Yard Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Home

by Diane Quinn

This spring take inspiration from Mother Nature and birds frantically building nests. Get busy and think about incorporating a few of these yard landscaping ideas that’ll add beauty and value to your home.

colorful flower bed1. Expand outdoor space. You’ll spend more time outdoors when you expand a small patio or add a deck. Add colorful and comfortable patio furniture, and your family will enjoy this new extension of your home that affords more living and entertaining space.

2. Upgrade backyard lighting. Savvy backyard ideas include upgrading your backyard landscaping lights. Create the perfect evening ambiance when you use anti-bug, outdoor light bulbs that glow without attracting bugs. You can also illuminate your front and backyard using energy-efficient, long-life outdoor LED area lighting.

3. Perk up flower beds. If your flower beds are long past their expiration date, replace old vegetation with a balanced mixture of plants and flowers in bold colors and interesting textures. Backyard landscaping becomes easier and less expensive when you plant more perennial flowers of all sizes and types that come back all by themselves every year.

4. Put trees and shrubs in pots. One of the most dramatic front yard ideas is to plant small trees or shrubs in large pots and place them beside your front entrance. Choose varieties that are easy to prune to the space. You can always plant them in your yard when they grow too large for the pot.

5. Buy stylish flower pots. Forget the notion that all the flower pots on your patio or deck are supposed to match. It’s much more interesting and stylish to mix and match a grouping of pots with colors and finishes that complement each other yet are uniquely different.

6. Cover a slope. If your yard has a slope where nothing ever grows, landscaping ideas for difficult areas include incorporating a mixture of rocks, large and small, and then planting an easy-to-grow ground cover plant such as Nasturtium.

7. Turn shady areas bright. Areas that don’t get enough sun make it difficult to grow anything, even grass. Front yard ideas and backyard ideas are the same for shady areas: plant high-wattage shade plants! Think ferns and hostas with large, wavy leaves that gracefully fill in any shady area, are easy to maintain and will last for many years.

8. Experiment using climbing vines. Well-placed climbing vines planted in a pot with a trellis, against a wall of your home or trained to grow up a tree trunk become an unexpected focal point and will help to beautify your yard.

9. Add a water feature. Consider adding a small pond in your backyard or other water feature that adds freshness and interest during the summer. Koi fish ponds are very popular and are easy to install yourself.

10. Build height. For especially large backyards, add yard architecture such as white concrete columns, an archway or a gazebo. Height lifts the eye off the ground and adds a striking backyard landscaping surprise that’s the perfect finishing touch for any yard.


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