10 Ways to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

As winter passes and the weather warms, it’s time to turn your attention to preparing the yard for summer. Yard maintenance includes several easy chores that, when complete, will allow you to enjoy your yard fully. Get Your Yard Ready For Summer

Try these 10 yard clean up and lawn care tips.

1. Debris removal

Remove fallen tree branches and any trash littering the yard. Raking eliminates fallen leaves, twigs and seedpods not removed before winter. Raking also helps control lawn thatch. Consider using a smaller shrub rake for hard-to-reach spaces under shrubs and hedges and around landscape foliage.

2. Aerate lawn

Many yards are high-traffic areas — kids’ play areas, roaming space for family pets and a regular gathering place during the warmer months. High-traffic lawns can compact and won’t absorb water as readily. This affects root development and lawn health. Aeration can help. Aerators, like the ones found at Kmart.com, can be hooked onto your riding mower.

3. Fertilization and weed control

Fertilization helps ensure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to be lush and healthy. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service recommends applying fertilizer when the soil is moist, and then watering the lawn lightly. Look to Kmart.com for a full selection of fertilizer, as well as plant food for your flowerbeds and garden.

4. Patch bare spots

Prepare the bare spot by raking and removing the dead grass. Add a light layer of compost or organic matter and level the area using a rake. Top with grass seed or a lawn patch mix. Consider lawn patch products from Kmart such as Scotts PatchMaster® or Safer Brand Magic Start Grass Patch. Follow all directions on any seed or patch product. Tune-up Your Lan Mower

5. Lawn mower tune-up

Spring yard work includes mowing the lawn. Before the first lawn cut, prepare the mower with an oil change, air filter replacement, new spark plugs and even blade sharpening. Tackle the project on your own using affordable mower replacement parts from Kmart.com, or opt for a tune-up performed by a local technician.

6. Take patio furniture out of storage

Remove the storage covers from your patio furniture, and wipe everything down with a damp cloth. Even when furniture has been stored with covers, dust can collect. Hose down the patio or deck before setting the furniture in place. Don’t forget to wipe off all the cushions as well.

7. Prepare the grill

Once the grill is uncovered (if you haven’t been using it over the winter), check all the burners and grilling surfaces. Look for worn-out pieces and, if needed, replace. Kmart has a variety of replacement parts for gas and electric grills including burner bars and fuel line replacement kits. Rain Barrel

8. Set up rain barrel(s)

Your rain barrels have sat disconnected from the downspouts throughout the winter and need reconnection to catch the spring rains. Check all connection pieces for wear, and be sure the barrel is secure and level.

9. Replace/repair landscape edging

Landscape edging can suffer breaks and cracks during the winter. Check all edging and pavers for pieces that many need replacement or repair. Kmart offers many options, including plastic rope edging, pound-in edging and raised garden border edging.

10. Replace mulch

Look for low or bare spots in your landscaped areas. Replace mulch or rock where it is needed.

-by Barb Hopkins


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