Winterize your Home with Window Treatments

Inside mount is more effective than outside mount.Quick Guide to Winterproofing your Home with Window Treatments

from Home Fashions Buyer Cynthia

It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter, and now’s the time to get your home in tip top shape in preparation for those long, frigid nights. One of the best ways you can prepare for Mother Nature’s onslaught is to “winterize,” or take proper measures to prevent that expensive heating from escaping.

Fact: Nearly 5% of that heat you pump through your home each year is lost through tiny holes and cracks in the walls, especially the ones between windows and walls.

The good news is that the right window treatments can prevent this from happening. In fact, by winterizing your home, you can cut Detrimental Energy Loss by nearly 50%.

The right shades and draperies act as insulators where there normally wouldn’t be any. If you’re like the average homeowner, your walls are well insulated; your windows, on the other hand, are not. Most window glass is designed to slow the flow of heat and cold to a degree, but if you really want to protect your home and your bank account this year, upgrade your window treatments. It’s much cheaper than new windows, and will have an incredible effect on your home and on your wallet.

Important tips to remember when choosing your thermal window treatments:

  1. Inside mount is more effective than outside mount. Make sure you choose a blind or shade that fits snugly in your window frame. You’ll block more heat from escaping and more cold air from creeping in. Outside mount shades do not do as good a job of sealing those cracks off. The HomeCraft Super Insulating Triple Cell Shade is brand new at Sears in time for Winter, and one of the best choices for insulating shades.
  2. If your only option is outside mounted blinds, add top treatments like thermal draperies or cotton drapery panels. These treatments will act as an additional barrier between your home and the elements.
  3. Keep shades raised during the day to pull in that natural heat from the sun. Lower them at night to trap heat in. Believe it or not, South-facing windows are the most susceptible to the sun.
  4. Shutter are an excellent winterizing solution. Wood and Fauxwood shutters fit tightly within the window frame and seal tightly when the louvers are closed. They virtually prevent all heat from escaping while keeping out that cold Winter air. Plus, they’re gorgeous and chic. Check out the HomeCraft 3 Week Wood Plantation Shutter, a Sears customer favorite all year long.

Good window treatments act as smart valves, giving you more control over what temperature is in your home without adjusting the thermostat at all. You’ll actually save money and create a new look at the same time.

What do you plan to do to get your home and windows ready for winter this year?


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  2. thanks i needed that shot in the arm to remind me of long forgotten ways to keep the warm in and the cold out. and i love the thought of wooden shutters INSIDE. guess off to Sears i go tomorrow.