Winter Skin Care Tips

woman moisturizing her faceby Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Did you ever notice how the wintertime impacts your beauty routine? The cold weather and dry air conditions seem to steal away even more moisture from your skin than the other seasons. Our hands, feet, knees, elbows, face, lips and even our nails and hair seem to suffer this time of year. The good news is that you can combat the effects of winter by giving your skin a little extra TLC during winter.

Dry skin can be uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Consider these tips to help your skin stay soft, smooth and touchable no matter what the weather.

Moisturize your skin on a daily basis. Reapply moisturizing lotions and creams as needed, paying special attention to rough and dry areas like knees and elbows. Look for specialized products designed for specific skincare concerns, like extremely dry hands or rough feet, for example. You might find that one skincare product solves all of your winter skin worries, or you may prefer a more individualized approach, treating each area with a targeted skincare treatment. When in doubt for where to start, take the time to read a few product reviews on some brands you would like to try. This can help you dramatically narrow down some of the best sellers to those that may work best for your particular skin needs.

Choose a good face moisturizer with sunscreen. Even in the wintertime it’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Just because you might not be as prone to sunburn in the winter, your face and skin can still suffer from damage caused by the sun. In some cases, facial moisturizers often come with additional features or benefits like anti-aging treatments or even formulas designed to discourage acne and breakouts.

Keep irritants away from your skin whenever possible. When doing household chores that involve water, such as washing dishes or doing laundry, wear gloves to protect your skin from any harsh cleansers or chemicals. Keep your hands dry as much as possible, too, as over-washing can cause dryness and cracked skin.

For extremely dry skin that cracks and peels, choose an emollient cream. Products like Aquaphor Healing Ointment or Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream have a rich, thick texture that smooths over the skin and locks in the moisture for considerably longer than standard scented lotions. Some skincare remedies for dry and damaged skin contain the ingredient urea, which offers nearly instant relief for dry winter skin.

Don’t neglect other parts of your body that need added moisture this winter! Choose a lip balm product with coconut oil and sunscreen to lengthen its moisturizing effects. Your lips are sure to stay softer and more kissable when you apply a good lip product daily or as needed. For additional benefits, you can choose a skin moisturizer that also works for nails and cuticles. Keep your nails from becoming brittle, chipped or flaky, and also help to prevent hangnails. You can even try a hydrating hair mask treatment to keep your hair soft and smooth.

Most skincare products are suitable for all skin types and for daily or as-needed use. If you still have questions or concerns, speak with a dermatologist.


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