Welcome SmartShoppersUnite Alumni – Now on MyKmart!

MyKmart welcomes a new group of members to the community, our SmartShoppersUnite Alumni! These members were once part of our former sister community, SmartShoppersUnite, a site geared towards the fashionable yet thrifty. Who says you can’t look good on a budget?! Now you can read all about how to be a savvy shopper, on MyKmart!

How will you recognize them? Members that participated on SmartShoppersUnite were given a Smart Shoppers Alumni badge on their profile page when they joined MyKmart. You can find topics posted by this group of members under our new discussion category, Smart Shopping, on MyKmart. Check out Smart Shopping, say hello and share your own shopping tips and advice!

Also amongst this group, are seven members who contributed as Community Liaisons on SmartShoppersUnite. They will be participating on MyKmart as Community Liaisons as well so that you can get all the good tips and advice that they have to offer!  This group was chosen based upon their experience online and in store with everything to do with shopping smart from learning how to budget to knowing where to look!  They were carefully chosen and represent a well rounded group of women who will help continue to make shopping a little easier for you!

Note: Each Community Liaisons is affiliated with Kmart

Meet our new Community Liaisons now on MyKmart:

Screen name: aliciazitka

Alicia was crowned Miss Massachusetts in 2007.  She won the Kmart Style Showoff and also assisted with product development at Sears design.  She is a big fan of Kmart!

Screen name: stylebird

Taryn is a stylist and freelance writer.  Fashionable in all areas, says often times her friends call her to ask what they should wear!

Screen name: Aleeneg

Aleene has experience in styling and writes many trend related topics.  She has traveled all over the world and has a black belt in taekwando.  Friendly and always has her eye out for the latest Kmart sale!

Screen name: cfburke31

Carre is frequently online looking for the latest and greatest deals.  She is obsessed with home and fashion, loves to share her finds and constantly keeping up with the new trends at a budget cost.

Screen name: bette3

A Mom of three, Bette is great at giving entertaining, styling tips, and do it yourself tips.  Eco-friendly, a big reader, and an experienced florist, she has a lot to share!

Screen name: pdudley

Pascha is a Mom and a blogger.  Great at offering advice and helping you make a decision.  Loves handbags and always after a good bargain!

Screen name: kapley

Kelsey was our most active member on SmartShoppersUnite! She is a valuable community member and always looking to meet new people, talk, and share ideas.


Again, please help in welcoming all SmartShoppersUnite Alumni members!  Join them on the discussion boards and let’s continue making MyKmart a fun and enjoyable community to be a part of!


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  1. It's an awesome bunch!

  2. Welcome, ladies! Looking forward to seeing you on MyKmart!