Ways to Accessorize Your Winter Wardrobe

woman wearing scarfBringing a variety of fashionable elements into your winter wardrobe can spice it up and give it new life. Instead of wearing the same old outfit all the time, why not try to accessorize your wardrobe fashionably and turn heads your way?

An attractive scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you can use to spruce up your winter wardrobe and add some life to it. You can wrap it loosely around your neck, draping both ends over one shoulder or down the front. You can also place the two ends of the scarf in front of a different shoulder or you can dangle the scarf ends at different lengths. For a warmer look, just wrap your scarf around your neck again and again.  Choose a scarf style that blends well with the look you’re trying to create.

Every winter wardrobe needs a few pairs of winter shoes and boots that can keep your feet warm while putting a little pizzazz into your outfit. Neutral colors like black, brown and gray go well with most winter outfit colors, so you may want to have a pair of shoes as well as boots in each color. If you happen to love trendy and/or fun colors, go with a burgundy, navy or hunter green. Don’t forget to treat them with a sealant to block out moisture.

The bag you carry is more than just a place to hold your cosmetics, phone, wallet and all the other stuff you can’t live without. It’s a fashion statement in itself. While you might focus on choosing a quality made purse, clutch or tote that’s large enough to meet your storage needs, make sure you consider the colors in your wardrobe when you make your selection.

Whether you’re stepping out for a stroll or a hot date, putting on a pair of attractive gloves adds that final touch that you need to put your outfit together. Wool gloves go well with sweaters. Just be sure to hand wash them to help hold their shape and color. Leather gloves need to be conditioned if you want them to last more than one season, otherwise, they can dry out. Play with the color of your gloves a bit – match them to your coat buttons, one of the colors in a patterned scarf, or your hat.

A belt is the perfect accent for layered clothing, long sweaters, and sweater dresses. Choose one in a color that accentuates your outfit and use it to help provide definition to your shapely curves. Try a braided split-leather belt for casual events, cut-to-fit leather or velvet for more elegant functions, and colorful styles for fun events. The basic rule of thumb is to match the color of your belt with your footwear. For sizing, select a short belt for beneath the bust line, a long one for a loose fit around the hips, and a fitted one for the waistline.


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  1. This really helped me to dress up my winter outside fashion. I like the idea of neutral colors also. When you bundle up you look so fluffy, so how to hide your fluffiness with a belt works.