Best Vacuum Cleaners for the Money

A few years back, I invested in a high quality, brand name, bagless vacuum.  I love everything about it except that it’s really quite heavy.  With four floors to vacuum, it’s less than ideal.  So, I got to thinking about purchasing another vacuum to keep upstairs – one that I can use just for bedrooms and bathrooms that I don’t have to haul up from the basement.  I don’t want it to be expensive – after all, it’s for light use.

While I haven’t yet made the purchase, I thought I would share a few of my frontrunners.  Before I order online, though, I’m going to “test run” these models in the store and make sure they aren’t as heavy and bulky as my current vacuum.

  • Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum:  Bagless vacuums – you either love them or hate them.  I know plenty of people who loathe emptying the canister.  While it’s not my favorite job either, I certainly value the fact that I’m never scrambling to run out and purchase more vacuum cleaner bags.  To keep the mess to a minimum, I simply empty my bagless vacuum outside.
  • Kenmore Bagless Upright Vacuum:  Are you a pet owner?  This vacuum comes equipped with a special Pet Air Turbine brush.  What’s that?  It’s a convenient and effective way to remove unwanted pet hair from upholstered surfaces.  Sounds great to me.
  • Bissell Lift-off Multicyclonic Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner:  Whew, that’s quite a name.  Here is another vacuum that markets itself to pet owners, like myself.  This vacuum touts a removable canister, allowing you to access hard to reach places, in addition to a TurboBrush designed to “work like a magnet for pet hair on stairs and furniture.”  Looks like this is one I should check out.
  • Dirt Devil Lightweight Vacuum:  This isn’t a bagless vacuum, but it’s lightweight and a great value for your money.  For a second vacuum, this one looks ideal.
  • Hoover Upright Vacuum:  Hoover is one of the biggest names in vacuum cleaners for a reason, so I felt it was important to consider one of their more popular models.  This vacuum incorporates the patented WindTunnel technology, removing embedded dirt from any floor covering.  What else do I like about this vacuum?  Well, it’s bagless, it’s lightweight (only 16.5 lbs.) and it has a retractable cord.  I’m so tired of unknotting and unwinding the cord on my other vacuum cleaner.  With this Hoover, you just tap a pedal and the 27 foot retractable cord winds up and stores neatly inside.  I really like this one.

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  1. I am a house cleaner by trade. I have used many different vacuums according to what my clients have.
    I have used 3 different types of Dysons. I am totally unimpressed by them. They are not practical, heavy & the solid wands make it hard to get in tight corners. I am also skeptical about the self-adjusting carpet height base. I don't think it picks up the dirt as well as the manual adjusters.
    I also tried that Shark Navigator. I don't think that one picks up as well either.
    I personally like the one I ended up buying after all my experiences--the Bissell Lift-Off that you mentioned in your article.
    Though the bagless set-up is less than ideal, the vacuum as a whole is the best from my experience.
    I bought one refurb for $45. I had it for 3 years & finally had to replace my first beater brush belt.
    I highly recommend this one to everyone.
    I suggest not going on the cheap with vacuums. You may think 'I don't have heavy duty work to do with it', but trust me, you will not get anything up with these cheapies.

  2. I own the Eureka AirSpeed vacuum and its great. It picks up so much dust in my carpet that I would ahve otherwise not known was there. This product is very lightweight and very powerful. For the price it is way better than Dyson.

  3. *it not I...sorry about the typo

  4. You did not mention the Shark Navigator. I purchased this sweeper about 3 months ago at my local K-Mart and I LOVE it! I works just a effective on non-carpet areas as it does on carpeted areas. I would highly recommend this sweeper to everyone!

  5. I actually own the Hoover Upright you mention above. It is a bust. I went through 3 in the first year, you are always dumping the thing and the seals don't last long so you loose power on the vacuum. I went back to a Bag Vacuum and am happier with it, it holds more, and there are no seals that leak so you ALWAYS get a strong suction!

  6. Thank you for the information, I just checked out the vacuum's myself and I like the Hoover with the retractable cord but I do not know how it runs. You use to be able to have a demonstration when you were checking out a vacuum and now they just show the vacuum and put it on display and tell you there vacuum is the best.

  7. Skipped the kenmore bagless intuition upright? Check out 02031040000. You pay a little more but it really pays off when its year 6 and you still have the same vac!

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