Toddler-proof Your Home

As your baby begins to become more mobile and enter his toddler years, he’ll want to explore, including touching, chewing on, crawling into, stepping on and knocking over everything in your home. Toddlers are great at getting into things, so be sure to take preventive measures to reduce the dangers around your home.

Baby safety gateKitchen

Install safety latches on all your cabinets and drawers. Try not to keep heavy, breakable items out on your counters. Knife blocks are available with child-safe locks. If your range has controls just above the door, consider replacing it with a range that has the controls above the cooktop.


  • Install a toilet lid lock to prevent your child from falling in.
  • Install safety latches on all your drawers and cabinets that store cleaning projects, razors, medicine and other hazardous materials.
  • Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in all outlets.
  • Prevent scalding by setting your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Prevent head injuries and other boo-boos by using tub bumpers and faucet covers to prevent head injuries.
  • Install an emergency lock release so your child can’t get locked in the bathroom on accident.

Laundry room

Keep your laundry room has a door closed. Store all your laundry products up out of reach of little hands. Secure front-loading washers and dryers with locks designed for them, or consider replacing them with top loaders.

Kmart baby safety gateLiving areas

  • Move breakable items out of your child’s reach or remove them.
  • Ensure entertainment centers, bookshelves and DVD cases won’t tip over by securing them to the wall.
  • Install a safety lock on your free-standing TV, if you have one, to keep it from tipping over.

Driveway and garage

Store all power tools and sharp or heavy objects in cabinets, drawers or just plain out of reach. Hang large garden tools, such as rakes and shovels, securely from high racks so they can’t fall on top of curious little heads. Store fuel, oil, fertilizers, chemicals and other hazardous fluids out of reach, and clean up any spills that occur on the spot.

Test your garage door opener’s sensors regularly to make sure they are working properly. Be sure the keypad opener is installed out of your little one’s reach.

Attach a tall flag to riding toys and tricycles so they can be seen more easily by drivers backing in or out of your driveway.

General toddler safety

Cover these general toddler safety rules in every room of your house to prevent common toddler injuries.

Electrical shock. Cover electrical outlets with plastic plugs or replace your outlet covers with childproof outlet covers. Install cord shorteners on long electrical cords so they don’t lay on the floor.

Choking. Move your curtain and pulls and cords for blinds out of reach by installing cord shorteners. Teach any older siblings to always put away toys with small pieces that can cause choking.

Poisoning. Lock up all your cleaning products, chemicals, pesticides, medicine, vitamins and alcohol. Some houseplants are toxic; remove them.

Falls. Pad any sharp corners on tables and other furniture. Install child safety locks on your windows, especially low ones. Secure rugs with rug grip tape to avoid tripping little toes learning to walk. Install safety gates at the top and bottom of all stairs.


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