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Holly Ann-AeRee

So as many of you may or may not know, I really like to mix up brands and price points with pretty much everything and that doesn’t stop at clothes and jewelry. It overflows into my choices for makeup and skincare. There are a ton of awesome products in unexpected places, but finding them requires a lot of trial and error so you just have to jump in and take a chance on some things! It can definitely be a pain, testing stuff out, so I thought I’d make it easier for you. Here is a list of my “Drugstore Must Haves.” I chose things that I not only love, but that I think NO company does better! And I tried to choose things I thought would work for everyone…or pretty much everyone. Enjoy & Good Luck!

Holly Ann-AeRee

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip glosses. I would say these compete with high-end glosses. The packaging isn’t bad; the colors are really pretty and there is a great range! They aren’t too sticky but just sticky enough to be long lasting. There is also a wide range of finishes, which is always nice. I prefer a cream finish usually and a more opaque color.

-My highest recommended colors: Pink Whisper and Pink Pop. Both have great color pay off, nice finishes and seem to be flattering on most people.

Price range – $6-8

Holly Ann-AeRee Stylesip Girl

Maybelline Stylish Smokes Natural Smokes Quad. I cannot rave about this product enough! This is my favorite eyeshadow quad from any brand! The colors are all just so perfect! Every shade goes well together and you can do so much with it, from natural to dramatic. (Most are good MAC dupes!) There are some shades in this quad that I prefer to the MAC equivalent to be honest. Three out of the four colors are extremely pigmented! If I was traveling, I could take just this quad and be fine. Love it!

Price Range – about $5

Holly Ann-AeRee Stylesip Girl

NYC Matte Bronzer in Sunny. So far this is the best  bronzer I have ever used for contouring! Given, I just started contouring my cheeks as of maybe a month or two ago, BUT the reason I never liked to is because I could never find a good color for my skin tone. This one is the absolute best for me! It looks a little orange in the pan but don’t be fooled – it doesn’t show up that way. I have tried NARS Laguna, various MAC bronzers, E.L.F. contouring blush and bronzer and I don’t really care for any of them as much as this NYC one!

Price range -$3 or less

NYC Tinted Lip Balm. I really enjoy these! They smell amazing. The tint is noticeable and not super subtle. They are a little on the thicker side, more like a gloss you’d find in a lip palette rather than a lip balm but with that, they do last a little longer. They have a pretty decent range of shades, but of course, I like two of the more pigmented ones on opposite ends of the spectrum. I highly recommended these! Pretty enough to be worn on their own, as all lip products should be!

-My highest recommended colors: Sugar Coated (milky baby pink) & Sugar Baby (very wearable red)

Price range – $1-$3

Holly Ann-Aeree Stylesip Girl

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation. This is the best drugstore foundation that I have tried. It reminds me a lot of my higher end foundations. Looks great in pics and has SPF! It has a dewy finis, but when it’s set with a matte powder, I really don’t notice a major sheen. It wears well throughout the day, even without a primer. Some people love this foundation, but I’ve heard some say that they don’t care for the slight shimmer that it offers (especially in photos) but honestly, I feel like they just may not be using it the way I do because I never notice a difference!  I think this foundation is good enough to use for clients when I do their makeup and it’s beautiful when used well.

Price range – $8-$12

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. My favorite under eye concealer! It’s dual-ended with a concealer and a highlighter. I feel like a lot of people ignore highlighter because they’re not sure how to use it. While highlighters are usually great for cheeks, this is good for under the eyes! I like to apply the highlighter first, followed by the concealer to brighten my eyes, espesh for pictures! It’s lightweight and doesn’t really crease (on me anyway) the way a cream concealer would. And it looks fab on camera. The highlighter really helps to reflect light! I love it and surprisingly it lasts me a while despite its small size.

Color I use – Light/Medium

Price range – $8-10

The last two items are skincare! Now this is something that is a little more skin type specific, but I absolutely love these two products. They are both a huge parts of my skincare routine and the absolute “holy grail” for me. I have combo skin, dry in some areas and oily in others. My skin is also very sensitive and can be acne prone. These two make a world of difference in my skin!

Holly Ann-Aeree

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. I use this every night as my last step in washing my face. It has a slight cooling sensation, which I normally don’t care for, as well as a few beads to polish the skin. Although it claims to be a “pore unclogging scrub,” I don’t really find it does either of those two things. I don’t notice any unclogging and its probably one of the most gentle exfoliatos I’ve ever tried. I think of it more as a face wash. The reason I love it? It works at treating and preventing blemishes on my skin! Its active ingredient is 2% salicylic acid and it works wonders for me without drying out my skin. This would be great to use if your skin break out easily.

Price range – $6-8

Neutrogena Acne Defense Lotion. Another product for those who tend to break out. For the post part, my skin is pretty clear and that is partly because of this lotion. I use this am and pm, after my serum to help treat any blemishes and to prevent new ones from popping up. It is said to reduce any blemish you may have within 8 hours and it defiantly works for me! Again the active ingredient is 2% salicylic acid so it can be a little drying if you’re not used to it. I prefer this lotion over other salicylic acid lotions because it’s a little thicker than most and it’s atually moisturizing. I would not want to be without this lotion! It does wonders for preventing any unsightly blemishes!

Price range – $7-$8

You can get all these great products at your local Kmart!

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas the next time you’re shopping around!

Stay beautiful!


Holly Ann AeRee

Stylesip Girl


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