Storage Tips for Your Holiday Decorations

Storage Tips for Your Holiday Decorations

Sturdy, purpose-designed boxes and bags keep your holiday decorations secure and organized while also simplifying the process of setting up the tree, stringing the lights and wrapping the gifts. Properly storing decorations also lets you remember all your past Christmases while preparing to welcome new holiday memories.

Essential Home  Red 2 Drawer Ornament Box Keep ornaments organized and undamaged

No matter what each once cost, Christmas tree ornaments often become more precious through the years as hanging them develops into a family tradition. Priceless for the memories they evoke and meant to be passed down through the generations, ornaments are worth protecting.
This red-and-green storage cube pretty enough to place under the tree is an excellent solution for stashing away 64 standard-sized ornaments. It has two soft-touch handles, a pocket for a label and four padded, sectioned racks to ensure ornaments don’t knock into each other and break or get scratched when the box gets moved.
Another option is this red two-drawer ornament safe that holds 36 ornaments. Each drawer has a separate label, and each pulls all the way out to allow you to remove ornaments easily.
Oversized ornaments and soft Christmas decorations fit nicely in heavy cardboard stacking boxes. Look for a color-coordinated set featuring the colors of the season. The boxes nest inside one another while the decorations are being displayed, and their bright colors or patterns can make the stacking boxes easy to find when you need to dig them out for another year.

Homz  Red Holiday Lighting Storage BoxUse specially designed containers for lights, wreaths and wrapping paper

A lighting storage bin keeps strings untangled and ready to hang. Padding and separators also prevent the bulbs from breaking.
Wreath storage bags resembling soft-sided hat boxes with zippers come in a range of sizes to keep door and wall hangings looking fresh and in shape year after year.
A gift wrap storage bag makes it easy to hold onto your favorite patterns, bows, cards, tags and ribbons. It even has slots for scissors and tape. While a gift wrap storage bag will not automate wrapping, it does make locating all the supplies a breeze while allowing you to reuse undamaged paper and have a greener Christmas.


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