Rainy Day Playtime Activities for Your Active Toddler

by Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Adorable toddler girl looking at raindropsSpringtime brings plenty of rain and even a few thunderstorms, which is great for helping all of our plants and flowers get a strong start to the growing season. Energetic toddlers, however, may not care whether it’s a rainy day or a day bathed in sunshine, and it can be a bit tricky to try and explain it. Instead, plan some fun activities to enjoy with your active toddler when rainy days come your way.

Most of the time, you’ll probably want to spend the day inside if it’s raining. You can find a lot of really interesting, unique things to do with your little one on a dreary day, and maybe even a few fun outdoor activities to try in the rain. Consider these playtime suggestions for rainy days.

Inside activities for toddlers

  • Make blanket forts and tents together. You can use blankets, sheets, pillows, and sofa cushions, not to mention chairs to help craft your tent or fort. Spice things up with flashlights and fun snacks to enjoy inside your little fortress. Take some pictures, too!
  • Baby bath toysBath time for tots and toys. You can help your little one give his or her favorite toys a bath. Find plastic toys that dry easily like baby dolls, toy animals, cars, trains, and so forth. Have some foamy soap on hand and let your little one have a splashing good time! You can also have regular bath time with some fun new bath toys.
  • Play hide and seek as a family. If it’s just you and your child, you can even have some of her favorite stuffed animals join in the fun.
  • Play dress up. Little ones love dressing up, from their parents’ shoes to cool hats, jewelry and accessories. Bring out the Halloween stash or just gather up some fun items from your room and theirs.
  • Bake treats or make lunch as a family. You can have a lot of fun making personal pizzas or pizza bagels, cookies, cupcakes, or another fun snack.
  • Break out the rainy day toy bin. Rainy days call for fun, new adventures, which can be achieved with just a few new toys or goodies. Raid the clearance sections for fun and inexpensive trinkets and toys to keep your active toddler amused.

Toddler rain bootsOutside rain activities for toddlers

  • Put on your rain boots and play in the puddles. Take some pictures as you splash around in your rain gear, hopping from puddle to puddle.
  • Put pinwheels outside and quickly come back inside to watch them spin with the wind. The raindrops and whipping winds will keep the colorful pinwheels spinning and your toddler filled with delight.
  • Sing songs in the rain. Sit on the porch or in some sheltered area where you can see and experience the rain without getting soaked.
  • Wait for the rain to stop, and then go look for rainbows. You can also show your little one how rainbows can appear on a sunny day by using the hose at just the right angle.

Rainy days can be just as much fun as sunny days — it’s all a matter of perspective and how you decide to spend your day. If you use your imagination, you can really make a splash with your toddler and show them how to have fun while creating lasting childhood memories no matter what the weather.

How do you keep your toddler busy during rainy days? Tell us in the Comments section below.


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