Protective Baby Gear for Spring’s Harsh Weather

As the weather gets nicer and the urge to head outdoors with your baby becomes stronger, you’ll need to protect your little one from the elements. During spring, this means finding protective baby gear to keep your baby safe from rain, strong winds, harsh sunshine and cool air. Here are a few suggestions for safeguarding your baby against the weather this spring.

Gear for strollersbaby in stroller

Weather shields for strollers safeguard your baby against the wind, rain, cold, and even the remnants of winter that sometimes continue into springtime – sleet and snow. You need to buy a weather shield designed for the style of stroller you have, whether it’s a jogging, swivel wheel, fixed wheel, side-by-side or standard type of stroller.

A clip-on sun shade with a UV indicator is a great way to protect your baby from the bright spring sunshine. This type of protective baby gear is easy to use, especially since it’s adjustable.

Gear for car seats and carriers

If you want to keep your little one snug as a bug, pick up one of the adorable cozy covers designed for newborn car seats. There are a few different styles to choose from, including ones that feature a peek-a-boo opening with a flap that closes, see-through versions, and year-round fabrics.

Offering protection from the spring weather, baby carrier covers come in a wide assortment of fabrics, styles and patterns. They keep your baby safe from rain, gusts of wind and sunshine. Baby carrier covers feature breathing holes and adequate ventilation, so your little one is always safe and comfortable.

Car seat and carrier covers shield your baby from the spring weather, and they also offer UV protection to keep your baby safe from the sun’s harsh rays. Some models are insect resistant, too.

Rain gear for babies

Babies and toddlers need protection from the rain to stay warm and dry. One of the best types of rain gear for your toddler is a pair of rain boots. Today’s styles are so much more adorable than what was available 30 years ago, so you may be tempted to buy several pair. Of course, the traditional baby or toddler rain coat is another staple that every concerned parent should consider. From chic styles in girly colors of pink, lime or fuchsia to darling versions for boys in gray, navy or orange, baby and toddler rain coats and jackets are perfect to keep those raindrops from falling all over your little one.


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