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Claire - Faboo- Stylesip

These black pants have basically become a staple in my wardrobe. Because they’re fitted and straight, they almost act like a cross between leggings and pants (um, peggings – a new catch phrase, perhaps?).

Clarie Geist - Stylesip

As for the vests, I chose to layer the BONGO vest over the Dream out Loud long vest (which is amazingly warm, by the way) just to add some texture.

Claire - Faboo- Stylesip

It also gives the whole look more visual interest.

This ensemble is sort of a mix of basics. The colors (browns, blacks, grays, beiges) work well on everyone and when thrown together, it’s important to focus on layering to make things interesting.

Claire - Faboo- Stylesip

I had a lot of fun mixing the edgy, rock ‘n roll inspired pieces from BONGO with the down-to-earth, free-spirited vibes of the Dream Out Loud pieces. When I put this together, I had that contrast in mind, adding the boot wedges to keep the pants sleek and balanced. The BONGO vest I suggest would work best (oh, some rhyming action!). Its quirky texture works well in that vein. All of the other basics should just work as such.

Clarie Geist - Stylesip

The best way to go is layer, layer, layer! As I’ve mentioned before, thermals that come in endless arrays of colors are perfect for the fall and winter to add a nice dose of warmth AND a shot of color! If your piled on basics still feel drab, turn to accessories to pull it out of the gray.

Claire Stylesip

Think piles of antique jewelry, a rapped belt at the waist, a quirky shoe – anything that expresses your personality! Coordinating long and short sleeves and making under layers visible keeps thing interesting and comfortable. Be wary of your proportions, though!

Claire Geist - Faboo - Stylesip

Textured Vest- BONGO

Long vest, Pants, Sweatshirt & Button-down- Dream Out Loud

And the most important part: have fun! Playing with clothes should make you happy!



Stylesip Girl



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