Nine Dirty Spots That Rarely Get Cleaned

Even if you’re a superb housekeeper – you may have missed these dirty spots in your home.  When was the last time you cleaned one of these?

Sponges and rags – Sponges and rags have a great environment to grow bacteria.  New research has found that a kitchen sponge can be 200.000 times dirtier than a toilet seat! The dark damp area inside of the sponge is the perfect breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.  If you can’t live without your sponges, try sanitizing them by placing them in the microwave for 1-4 minutes. Steaming the sponges will kill most of the bacteria so you’re not spreading it around the kitchen.

Your computer keyboard – The keyboard of your computer is a safe haven for germs and bacteria since its one place that hardly ever gets cleaned.  There are a number of products that can clean a keyboard, but most of us never bother to think about buying them while we are at the store.  For a quick cleanup of the keys, just use a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol to give them a quick wipe

Your bathroom doorknob – All door knobs are filled with germs but the one on the inside of your bathroom is the worst.  Keep it clean by giving it a quick wipe with a spritz of hydrogen peroxide and a paper towel.

TV Remote – When was the last time you cleaned your TV remote? It’s not something that we ever really clean. And it’s filled with tons of germs. When I’m traveling,  I always put the TV remote into a plastic bag because I know the cleaning staff isn’t cleaning it either. The best way to clean a remote is to use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. This will let you get in between the keys without having moisture damage the electronics inside. Then wipe the entire outside of the remote with a microfiber cloth sprayed with alcohol.

Hair brushes- Hair usually gets removed from your brushes when it builds up, but do you actually wash the bristles? You can sanitize them by removing the hair, rinsing them in the sink with a few drops of dish soap and then place them in the dishwasher to remove oily buildup and germs.

Toothbrushes -Another brush that gets overlooked is your toothbrush. Most dentists agree that you should replace the toothbrush every three months, but you should also clean it regularly to remove germs.  Letting it sit in a glass filled with hydrogen peroxide overnight will do the trick.

Refrigerator – If your refrigerator smells a little stale don’t cover it up with a box of baking soda. Instead give it a good cleaning. The smells are actually telling you something is spoiling and it’s time for a good cleaning. Hot water and hydrogen peroxide are great to wipe the shelves without adding toxins to your food.

Trash cans – Your kitchen trash container could be a hot bed of germs if it’s not cleaned regularly. Create a schedule to weekly wash out the inside with hot water and a disinfectant.  Make sure you clean the lid and hinges that can be full of germs too.

Light switches – Your light switches get touched by everyone in the house – so it’s the one place you are all sharing germs.  Get into the habit of giving them a quick wipe every few days and if someone in the house is sick – everyday.

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  1. Another killer piece, Leslie ! Thank you {^^, !

    I often forget the flip-lid to my step-on stainless trashcan ! And my horsehair hairbrushes will often remind me on their own with their unique accumulative smell !!! I'm happy to learn that hydrogen peroxide can be used in many of these tips ! Thanks-a-bundle for your acutely helpful hints :)