Microfiber – The Miracle Duster

When I was a little girl, my mother gave me the chore of dusting the house once a week. I really hated that job. She would give me a yellow rag that was treated with some type of smelly chemical and the can of dusting spray. Her instructions included spraying the furniture and then wiping (for what seemed to be hours) until the oil was worked into the wood.  She loved to see her furniture look like it just came out of a showroom, but it would take forever to dust the three rooms of furniture in our little house. Plus you couldn’t touch any of the furniture, since you would leave oily fingerprints everywhere and that meant doing the entire piece of furniture all over again!


Forty years have passes since then and I’m excited to say that technology has re-invented the chore of dusting. Now there is the wonderful invention of microfiber that makes dusting what is should be – removing dust.

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber was actually being produced in the 1950’s but wasn’t something that really had much use due to the way it was made. After numerous experiments and modifications, the fabric industry made a successful microfiber that had many different applications. Sweden was the first country to start using microfiber for cleaning and the rest of Europe has been using it for decades. We, here in the US, still consider microfiber a “new technology”.  The beauty of microfiber is that it has threads that are machine cut and act like fish gills that hold the dirt or dust inside the cloth until you put it into the washing machine. Once in the wash, the dust is released into the water and you have a perfectly clean cloth to use the next time you clean.

Libman-MicrofiberDusting with microfiber is extremely easy. Depending on the amount of dust you are trying to remove, you just wipe the cloth over the area and the dust will stay in the microfiber cloth. If the piece of furniture you are cleaning is very dusty, you can just spritz a little water on the cloth and it will pick up and hold all the dust. The best part of dusting with microfiber is that you don’t leave anything on the furniture, which makes it stay cleaner longer. That’s right, by not using a dusting product; your furniture will stay cleaner. Oils and waxes actually attack dust to themselves, so you have to dust more often if you use a dusting product. Microfiber and water will let you clean less often – which is really what you want – RIGHT? - Leslie Reichert ~ Green Cleaning Coach

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  1. What an interesting history! So strange that it took the US such a long to time to catch on.

    I use my mirofiber rags a ton for cleaning, and I especially like the little hand held Swiffer duster for quick clean up.

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Julie, I LOVE that newish Swiffer commercial! Have you seen it? The one with Morty? So cute! I have never used Swiffer products but with new laminate flooring, it's definitely on my wishlist for quick cleanup on the floor!