Mental Fitness Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms

6 Mental Fitness Tips for Stay-at-Home MomsWomen who dedicate themselves to the rewarding task of being stay-at-home mothers often worry that staying away from the workplace can take the edge off their intellects. While this can be a valid concern, moms who make raising their kids their top priority have many ways to keep their minds sharp.

Take an online class

The Internet offers almost innumerable ways to learn new skills, brush up on old knowledge and pursue new interests. Online classes often maximize mental stimulation, flexibility and one-on-one feedback from instructors. Look beyond colleges and universities to how-to sites and YouTube for the most affordable, and often free, courses.

Join a book club

booksDiscussing books lets stay-at-home moms socialize and connect intellectually with other adults. Plus, reading is a productive way to fill hours with mind work when the kids are napping or at school. If you can’t find a book club to join, consider starting one yourself. Other mothers will welcome the idea.

Play word and math games

Download word and math games to your computer or smartphone so you can challenge your mind any time you have a break in your schedule. Or solve crosswords and logic problems the old-fashioned way in newspapers and puzzle books. In addition to keeping your mind sharp, working puzzles makes your more able to help your kids with their homework.

Go on interesting field trips

Chaperoning a class visit to a museum, government office, historical site or performance can be as educational for an adult as the school trip is for the kids. On weekends and vacations, organize your own family field trips to interesting places around town and spend time afterward discussing the experiences with your children.


documentaryStaying physically fit benefits the brain as well as the body. Exercising is especially good for relieving depression and anxiety. For an extra mind boost, listen to a book on tape or watch a thought-provoking documentary while working out.

Do volunteer work

Opportunities to share your skills and talents while helping others abound. Contact nonprofit organizations, private businesses and schools to identify groups that can put you to work at jobs that are mentally engaging. Consider writing for a newsletter, organizing an event or designing a nonprofit website.


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