Kmart Commercial (s) for Back to School

Kmart Presents: “My Limo” by Da Rich Kidzz

Da Rich Kidzz, a group of kid rappers from Minneapolis ranging in age from 10 — 13 years old, have teamed up with Kmart and Shop Your Way to make a hip-hop music video all about riding their school bus back-to-school in style. #KmartBackToSchool

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Kmart Back To School Layaway — Yo Mama

Kmart has everything you need for back to school including backpacks, tablets, clothes, shoes and more! Plus Shop Your Way Members get Free Layaway. Shop Your Way at Kmart. A new school year starts here!


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  1. Sigh..... so much discontent over a few videos...
    I don't believe that the intent was to alienate shoppers from SHC. I truly won't understand how the inclusion of a sector of popular entertainment into an already accepted psyche of societal capitalism will utterly irk some inhabitants of this land ! I personally don't care for hip-hop either, but my total span of life has included learning how to accept others and their beliefs, as well as ignoring the insulting tongue...

    One doesn't auto-emulate rap, nor does one get an infection of the hip-hop culture by simply shopping at a store - even if it was a specialty, exclusively hip-hop-only inventoried market ! And while I'm simply making light of this enigma, I am also including a broader message of acceptance of all walks of life, on a serious note.

  2. I'm a middle aged white female. I don't relate at all to these commercials, but I don't think they are really meant for me. I know they don't make me feel welcome or included, so I mute them or change the channel. I don't think that I would make a trip to Kmart to look around now, it doesn't seem by the content of the commercial that it's my style. I've never really related much to the rap culture. No bother to me that others do. My degree was in Opera so that is understandable. I do shop a lot though and there seems to be plenty of stores out there for me to frequent. There's the internet as well. So many places from which to choose. Marketing is just out there to 'target" wallets. They will use what works to make money. That's what commercials are there to do. So, if the market changes, the content changes. I wouldn't want my children to wear anything displayed in the commercial so I'd take them some place else to shop with what I believe to be more stylish choices. Since I'm the one that's paying for the clothes, I like feeling invited and welcomed into a store... like they really want me to do business with them and they are trying to relate to me. I suppose the people that shop at Kmart will feel comfortable and welcomed into the store because of this new campaign. They must like they way the music sounds and the clothes look. Good for them, good for Kmart. Good for the economy. Bad for my eardrums.

  3. Really Kmart? Your gonna pick "Da Rich Kidz" for your advertising campaign! Holy ****... I'm at a loss for words! You can't understand a word there saying first off and second I thought it was a commercial for the BET awards! Not only am I appreciative of the fact that I never needed to shop at your store but now grateful that I know not too out of fear that Id feel like I'd be walking do the streets of east Harlem! Note to self: if your going to shop at Kmart where a bullet proof vest cuz there's lil thug kids singing about some bullshit on aisle 6...