Kid-friendly Activities to Keep Them Out of Trouble This Summer

When school lets out for summer, fun summer activities for kids keep them busy and happy. If they play team sports, they’ll get fresh air and exercise, and you’ll have peace of mind that they’re staying out of trouble while you’re at work.

Trips to the local library, daily chores and occasional family day trips to the zoo, water park or pool provide plenty of positive activity so your kids won’t be bored and mischievous during summer break. Before you know it, they’ll be packing their backpack and heading off for the next school year after a summer of fun, wholesome memories.

Summer kids ideas

Team sports keep kids active. They learn teamwork and make new friends. Later, their athletic endeavors will look good on college applications. There are summer leagues for many sports, so you can choose one that’s just right for your child. Cheerleaders are athletes, too, and many cities have cheerleading camps and teams that teach kids routines before they get to high school.

Harry-Potter-book-coverThe local library could be where your child’s brilliant academic career gets a kickstart. Many libraries have story hours for younger kids and summer book clubs for older ones. Reading good books can give a child new ideas and sometimes big dreams. Going with your child a few times will help you see the library for yourself and show them your love for reading – and maybe you’ll even pick up a good beach book. Give your child books to keep as well, to show that you value reading.

Helping mom and dad with chores is good for children. Working with and for the family can give a kid a feeling of belonging, along with an opportunity to learn valuable life skills. Chores needn’t take up the whole summer, but helping to paint a shed or tend a vegetable garden lets kids feel useful, as do daily chores like laundry, vacuuming, dusting and keeping their room clean.

Warm-weather kids ideas

Wiggling-Waterpiller-SprinklerFamily trips are something kids will remember for the rest of their lives. The warm summer weather begs for day trips to the lake, beach, pool or water park. The kids get to cool off while you get to relax and take a break from work. Another option is to get a wading pool – or a larger one—for your backyard, or even just run after run through the cute Wiggling Waterpillar Sprinkler with their little friends.

A water park is a great day trip. Buy them new swimwear, and make sure it doesn’t have metal accents or rivets for safety. Babies and younger toddlers need to wear swim diapers, and kids who aren’t great swimmers yet should wear life jackets or floaties, especially in the wave pool.

A trip to the lake gets them outdoors and lets them enjoy splashing around, and if you choose a state or national park, you can even plan a camping trip around it. A trip like this takes planning, and probably a tent, but day trips can be spur of the moment and a great instant adventure.

Backyard-poolTrips to the beach take planning, too. Take a big sun-blocking umbrella or a sun shelter if you plan to stay the whole day. Or, you can wander through the beach town during the daytime, hit the beach in the afternoon and stay to watch the sunset.

Backyard pools make summertime cool, and so do sprinklers and water toys. Remember, though, kids must be constantly supervised when they’re near the water. They also should wear sunscreen. Remember to reapply it frequently, especially after they’ve been in the water.


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