Kevin Butler vs. Old Spice man: Who wins?

Here’s an interesting question: If Kevin Butler, the VP for just about everything over at Sony, and Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice man, were to throw down, who do you think would win?

You may know Kevin Butler from the Sony PS3 commercials, and you’ll know Isaiah from the recent Old Spice commercials (and YouTube video campaign).

If you don’t, here’s one of “Kevin’s” commercials (he has a YouTube channel as well):

Here’s a recent video from Old Spice (they have a YouTube channel as well):

Thoughts? Leave them as comments below!


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  1. Old Spice man wins, hands down. He would ride his JetSki Lion all over Kevin. I like Kevin and all, but he is no match for the power of Old Spice.

  2. You're kidding me. Kevin Butler is the greatest. He's not even an actor and he still out acts the Old Spice Guy. The Old Spice guy is funny but KB sells the ps3. His commercials got me looking into a ps3 and I of course bought one. KB is the greatest

  3. Old spice man calls in some favors from his shark buddies and they eat Kevin butler next time he takes a bath. on the upside there will be a memorial edition ps3.