Indian Summer Fashions – Transitioning to Fall

Each day we seem to be venturing closer and closer to that tween-season dubbed, “Indian Summer”. It’s not quite fall, but summer seems to be slipping away. Granted it can be an exciting time – when we can open up our windows in the evenings and feel a cool hint of breeze in the air; and when we can wrap the scarf around our necks for actual warmth versus fashion trend. However, along those same lines, the fashion transition from summer to Indian summer to fall can be quite difficult at times.

Yes it’s easy to add a scarf – but what if you are wearing shorts and a sleeveless blouse and then the temperature drops to the 60′s in the evening? Do you have blanket to go with that scarf?

Let’s start with the basics. First, we need to recognize that the typical weather we are experiencing is warm during the day and cool in the evening thereby making layering essential. And I’m not saying you should completely nix shorts, but you might be grateful at night for wearing a pair of ankle pants or linen slacks instead. Both of these items can be worn during a hot day but offer great comfort on a chilly evening.

You may color me crazy with this statement, but, leggings aren’t just for juniors! A nice pair of cropped leggings is a fantastic addition to a mini dress to transition the garment from sweltering summer day to cool fall evening. Dress it up with a pair of wedges and a chunky necklace – and as far as comfort is concerned, you’ll never second-guess those leggings again.

For tops, I personally love layering sleeveless blouses or camisoles with a 3/4-length sleeved cardigan or better yet, a cardigan wrap. The cardigan wrap is similar to a shawl but offers sleeves for extra coverage; plus it can be worn several ways offering not just an extra layer of warmth, but great fashion versatility!

In regards to footwear, I admit I’m not ready for boots quite yet. I still wear my strappy sandals and haven’t felt the goosebumps yet. When I do, I may transition to closed-toe pumps, then hosiery and then the booties or cropped boots. I’m saving those knee-high boots for 100% autumn.

Despite some of the fights against fall, you don’t have to lose the battle of fashion. Layer up, keep comfortable, and don’t shy away from donning that slightly darker shade of nail color for your next manicure.


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