I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 5

I was surprised and thrilled to find that Kmart sells greenhouses! What an awesome gift idea for Father’s Day!

Whether your needs are big or small, Kmart has an option that is perfect for the year round gardener! Even the smaller garden starter option looks super handy for a home gardener.


Do you have a greenhouse or garden starter? What do you grow year round in your greenhouse?

Click here to view other interesting products sold at Kmart.


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  1. I've always wanted a small to medium size greenhouse similar to the one above. This past spring when I received my tax return check I actually browsed through the selections online but decided on a new deck for the front of the house which has yet to be put on. Maybe next spring I'll buy that greenhouse...or a chicken coop.

  2. These are great! I see quite a few of the clear one around here for it fits perfectly in small back yard areas.

    Great share Laurel! ;)