How to Speed Clean Your Home For Guests

You just got a call from some friends that are in town and want to drop by to say hello. But your house is a mess!  Don’t worry, you are not alone. Very few people live in a perfectly clean home so relax and get your family ready to help. I’m going to show you some tricks that will make your house look cleaner than it really is.

  1. Pull out the vacuum – Vacuuming the floors can make your house look cleaner. If you have carpeting, just vacuum the main areas your friends might see. Don’t bother going behind furniture – no one will be looking there. If you have hard floors, use the floor attachment and vacuum the entire area including the kitchen. Make sure to go over the rugs in the entrance area and anywhere you’ll be sitting with your guests.
  2. Wipe away pet hair – You don’t want your guests to be sitting on pet hair that’s stuck to the furniture. Use my rubber glove trick to remove it quickly. Just put on a rubber glove and wipe all the pet hair to the end of the couch or chair and wipe away with a damp paper towel.
  3. X out fingerprints – Are there fingerprints and smears all over your kitchen appliances? Just wet a blue microfiber cloth and go over EVERYTHING. Don’t look back – I promise there won’t be any streaks or smears left on anything. You’ll have sparkling clean appliances in minutes.
  4. Fluff and fold – Make sure the furniture is fluffed and straightened so it will look cleaner. Puff up the throw pillows and fold the blankets so everything looks good. If you have a stain or spot – place a folded blanket over the area and you make sure you or someone in your family sits there.
  5. Change out the towels – Put clean hand towels in the kitchen and the bathroom. You don’t want your guests using those dirty ones.
  6. Collect the clutter – Fill a laundry basket with all the clutter. If you use all your flat surfaces for papers and bills – collect them and stash them in the basket! Take the basket up stairs where your guests won’t see it.  Remember, you need to deal with the basket as soon as your guests  have left. You don’t want to get past due notices because you left the bills hiding in someone’s room.
  7. Empty the sink – Nothing makes your kitchen look dirtier than a sink full of dirty dishes.  Put everything in the dishwasher or if the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, use a trick a friend taught me years ago. Put them in a bucket and hide them under the sink! Just like the bills and papers – don’t forget they are there or you’ll be dealing with smelly moldy dishes in a few days.
  8. Distract them with food.  Keep some treats in the freezer especially for pop-in guests. The food will distract them from the condition of your home.
  9. Use a nice scent to make your home smell clean. People definitely relate scents to cleanliness. You can use some essential oils mixed in vodka to make your own “clean home” spray. Use a lemon or peppermint oil and your guests will think your home is sparkling clean.
  10. Turn down the lights. Your guests won’t see the dirt if you set the mood with the lights low and candles lit. It seems too simple but it will really keep the focus off your home and on your visit.
  11. Don’t Stress Over The Mess -If all else fails just relax and welcome your guests with a huge hug and your sparkling personality. Celebrate the time with them and forget about the condition of your home. A bottle of wine, some cheese and lots of laughter can create the perfect visit. Your friends are there to see you. Don’t stress over the mess.



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  1. I LOVE this checklist. So great-I know I am always scrambling before guests pop by, and this list makes it seem a whole lot easier!