How to Soothe a Fussy Baby

How to Soothe a Fussy Baby

Listening to your baby scream and cry for hours on end can be extremely stressful. Trying and failing to calm your child can leave you feeling completely helpless and inadequate as a parent.

Babies do not come with instruction manuals, each infant is different and raising a child is a lifelong journey. If your baby starts pitching a fit and does not stop, make sure he or she is fed, comfortable and wearing a clean diaper. Then try some of these time-tested tricks that have been passed down through the generations to calm fussiness and allow everyone to relax.

Go outdoors

Possibly because most babies spend a majority of their time indoors, the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors can mesmerize and calm them. Of course, keeping your baby safe outside the house needs to be a priority. Do not spend a lot of time in direct sunlight, and do not wrap your child up so warmly that he or she overheats. Additionally, do not take your baby outside if too many mosquitos or other biting insects are buzzing around.

HoMedics  SoundSpa™ Relaxation Sound Machine Play white noise

Simply listening to their parents’ voices can calm some babies. Others relax when hearing the constant hum of white noise. Switching on a white noise generator, running a vacuum cleaner a few rooms away, turning on a window fan or playing radio static setting at low volume can work particularly well to settle down colicky infants.

Rock to the rhythm

Before being born, your baby was rocked every time mom took a step. Similar rhythmic motions can comfort infants when they experience new sights, sounds and sensations. Swings and bouncers move babies gently, and the same effect can be achieved by simply holding your baby in your arms while you walk around the house.

Avoid overstimulation

Most adults have trouble understanding that the light from a table lamp or the sounds of a full household can be overstimulating to an infant. Babies have not learned to filter out distractions, so they can become overwhelmed easily by and then get agitated. When your baby tosses a fit without any apparent cause, try dimming the lights and taking him or her to a quiet room.

Change nursing positions

Different positions to try include the football hold, lying side-by-side and putting your baby on your chest as you lie on your back. You may discover that your baby stops fussing when he or she gets comfortable while nursing.

Infantino  Sync Comfort Wrap CarrierWear your baby

Something about wearing a baby in a sling seems to produce a greater calming effect than even holding him or her close and snuggling. A variety of baby slings and wraps are available, but each lets babies feel the closeness and security they may need to settle down.


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