How to Prevent Accidental Child Posionings From Medicine


It is a double edged sword. Manufacturers make bottles and labels appealing so you will buy the product, Children also find this packaging appealing. Manufacturers of liquid medication mask the unpleasant taste with fruity tastes that children may also like. So remember these few things:

1.       Never leave loose pills laying around

2.       Buy child resistant packaging when available

3.       If you keep medicine in a purse—be sure it is in a child resistant container

4.       Never walk away from opened medication bottles

5.       Never call medicine “Candy”

6.       Do not take medicine in the presence of children as they like to imitate adults

7.       Never take medicine out of its original container which is childproof and place in a non childproof container

Even the smallest of doses of adult medication can affect children in a way that can harm them. Keep the toll free poison control number (1-800-222-1222) in an accessible place near your phones in case of emergencies


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  1. Another good thing to remember is that if a child accidently takes medicine, its important to know approximately how many they took! Therefore, if its liquid I mark it with a black permanent marker that way I know how full the bottle was before.

  2. Thanks for the great advice. I always worry about medicines I have around the house when my nephew comes to visit.