How to Organize Your Baby’s Clutter

How to Organize Your Baby’s Clutter

When a mini tornado moves into your home, even tidy parents are challenged to organize their baby’s items without a few tips. Whether you have an infant or active toddler, you can make your life a little easier if you take the time to stay organized.

Munchkin  Diaper Change Organizer How to organize baby

Before parents bring their newborn home, they neatly store baby shower gifts and find a logical place for everything. Unfortunately, after a few sleepless nights and the demands of frequent feedings and diaper changes, it’s not long until you need an intervention on how to get your family organized.

  • Keep items that you use frequently close to where you need them. If you change diapers in different rooms, keep diapers and wipes in both places in a container that you can pick up and move in one motion.
  • Have easy access to the items you use most often. Because babies grow so quickly, keep all the clothing that fits now in the easiest-to-reach drawers. Avoid mixing different sizes together or you’ll waste time wondering which items fit and which ones don’t.
  • Use labeled and neatly stacked plastic bins.
  • Before adding items to storage bins or drawers, sort and toss what you don’t need now and keep like items together. If you plan on having more children, simply rotate these items to other labeled bins for future use.

toy boxControlling clutter from toddlers

When you look around your home and realize that your toddler has more stuff than you do, it’s time to take action.

  • Toddlers grow at the speed of light. Try to purge their clothing at least once a month. Separate play clothing for at home from nicer preschool or party wear and bedtime clothes. Don’t forget shoes and socks as well.
  • Keep a designated toy box or basket in rooms where your toddler plays.
  • If your child has a lot of toys, try to introduce them a few at a time. This method allows your toddler to focus on each toy, which quickly reveals his or her level of interest. You can avoid overflowing toy boxes by recycling any toys that are damaged or no longer hold interest for your child.
  • Take the time to show your toddler how to help put away toys. This can be a fun activity if you sing songs or make a game out of the chore. Make up your own song using a tune from another kiddie song. Remember, good habits begin at a young age.
  • Use toddler-friendly storage. In addition to a toy box for larger items, shoe boxes can hold little toys and a low shelf helps organize books. Once your toddler knows where toys and books go, your daily cleanups can be more fun and easier than you might think.

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